16 Funny Cat and Dog Photos for Christmas

The adorable winners of our Petplan pet photo contest have some jokes and quips for making the most of the howlidays.

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    Courtesy Kari Smith

    This Christmas card's gone to the dogs!

    Usually Santa wears a whole costume, but this dog ... just pants.

    Grand Prize Winner

    Courtesy Merrie Soltis

    What cats think of Christmas

    Is "Christmas" the human word for "sit around and wait for presents"? Because I just call that "living."

    Courtesy Christina Cherro

    Nestled asleep in their beds

    Deck the howls with boughs of holly fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-aaoooo.
    'Tis the season to be jowly fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-aaoooo.

    Courtesy Linda Marler


    Hey, did you hear the one about the sick parrot? Fortunately, his condition was tweetable!

    Courtesy Renee Cybul

    Naughty or nice?

    Santa: I lied. #YOLO

    Courtesy Kay Taylor

    Fun one-liners

    What did Santa say to me? Get a long, little doggie.

    Courtesy Lora Sambora

    Pug life

    I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me.

    Courtesy Kay Steffen

    Sugarplum Fairy

    All dressed up and no backsides to sniff.

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    Courtesy Marianna Cincotta

    All I want for Christmas

    Alpha dog seeking: Hot breath, cold nose, waggy tail.

    Courtesy Jennifer Burdick

    Take. It. Off.


    Courtesy Lois Karhinen

    O Hanukkah

    What does a bark-mitzah boy have to do to get some kosher kibble around here?

    Courtesy Aaron Pigors

    An empty box?

    Best present ever.

    Courtesy Kathleen Silva

    Make like a tree...

    ...and wreath us alone!

    Courtesy Terrie Kelly

    What do you call a bunch of dogs who played in the snow?

    Slush puppies!

    Courtesy Emily Warchol

    Put down your phone!

    This sleigh isn't gonna pull itself, people.

    Courtesy Mar Sension

    Why do I dress up before sniffing around the yard?

    I don't want to get frost-bite.


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