15 Funny Church Signs That Are Going to Hell

Houses of worship? Funnier than you thought.

Compiled by Brandon Specktor
Ildar Sagdejev, Wikimedia Commons

But does He invest?

—funny church sign on East Main Street

Submitted by Sarah Brannon

It's working.

—funny McDonaldville St. Paul church sign

Submitted by Nathan and Heather Woods

Thank God!

—funny Benton Heights Presbyterian Church sign

Submitted by Stephen Barnett

You win this round, Nature.

—funny First United Methodist Church sign

Submitted by Jim Brothers

High logic.

—funny Palm Heights Baptist Church sign

Submitted by Sherm Nichols

I'm sick of your glossy ways.

—funny Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church sign

Submitted by Dean Hall

The #2 congregation in town!

—funny Faith Community Church sign

Submitted by Sherri R. Vance

Crihst be whit you.

—funny Meadow Land Baptist Church

Submitted by Roger Patterson

We're a little concerned about your addiction to church.

—funny First Congregational Methodist Church sign

Submitted by Dawn Schoep

When the shepherd's away...

—funny Cape Coral Community Church sign

RD magazine

Divine punishment?

—funny Clifton Baptist Church sign

RD magazine

It's the 11th Commandment.

—funny church parking sign

Submitted by Don Denlinger

Friday and Saturday, you're on your own.

—funny The Healing Center sign

Submitted by Laura Perneski

2nd amendment, or new commandment?

—funny The Christian Church sign

Submitted by Erin Darling

You can't complain in the grave.

—funny Lancaster Assembly of God church sign

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