How to Rock a Weird Beard and Other Funny Facial Hair Styles

Photographer Greg Anderson captured this first-rate facial fur at the 2013 National Beard and Mustache Championships—but we have some ideas for putting the beardy beauties to work after the show.

By Brandon Specktor
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    Greg Anderson

    The Warlord

    Perfect for:
    • Crashing grizzly bear luncheons
    • Preventing tacky Viking-helmet-hair
    • Pillaging Middle Earth

    Greg Anderson

    The Rogue's Smile

    Perfect for:
    • Banana storage
    • Manual head-steering
    • High fiving other mustaches

    Greg Anderson

    The Dreamcatcher

    Perfect for:
    • Teaching trigonometry
    • Skewering olives
    • Completing your Beatnik Santa costume

    Greg Anderson

    The Sly Cap'n

    Perfect for:
    • October accessorizing
    • Maniacal twirling
    • Piloting your whimsical airship

    Greg Anderson

    The Scorpion

    Perfect for:
    • Tickling metal-heads
    • Practicing sailor's knots
    • Giving the beard a stern talking to

    Greg Anderson

    The Angel's Shoestrings

    Perfect for:
    • Decorative spider webs
    • Pretending to uncork things
    • Pirate golf

    Greg Anderson

    The Madman Yak

    Perfect for:
    • Competitive head-banging
    • Becoming one with the willows
    • Avoiding open flames for the rest of your life

    Greg Anderson

    Lucifer's Coathook

    Perfect for:
    • Cleaning your ears
    • Cleaning your neighbor's ears
    • Nonchalantly riding a unicycle

    Greg Anderson

    Cheek Chaps

    Perfect for:
    • Raising a flea circus
    • Pretending your chin is Wolverine
    • Backup prayer shawl

    Greg Anderson

    The Artisan

    Perfect for:
    • Brooklyn entrepreneurship
    • High-stakes darts
    • Seducing octopi

    Greg Anderson

    The Lucky Charmer

    Perfect for:
    • The Civil War re-enactor's Leprechaun Cavalry brigade
    • Tickling just her upper lip
    • Convincing children you possess treasure

    Greg Anderson


    Perfect for:
    • Smuggling starfish
    • Being the most popular sheriff in town
    • Single-handedly keeping the beard-wax industry afloat

    See the rest of Anderson's epic photo album on Facebook.


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