Funny Gag Gifts for the Whole Family

Our humor editor weighs in with his ridiculous holiday gift guide.

By Andy Simmons
Also in Reader's Digest Magazine December 2013
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    Courtesy of Y'alls Products

    Solo Wine Cups

    My sister Diane is always the most refined person at Steelers tailgate parties. So for her, the Red Solo Cup Set: two wineglasses made from plastic cups atop glass bases. Stay classy, Sis. $14.96 per pair,

    Courtesy of ThinkGeek


    I’m buying Snowtime Anytime Snowballs for my brother, Dean, who likes to pelt me with snowballs but doesn’t like the cold. They’re made from soft, dry fabric, so if he beans me with one, it won’t hurt. $19.99 for 20,

    Courtesy of ThinkGeek

    Bluetooth Gloves

    For my sister Adrienne—who’s convinced she doesn’t look foolish talking aloud on her hands-free phone—I’m getting these Bluetooth Handset Gloves. She’ll seem even wackier talking into her fingers. $59.99 to $99.99,

    Courtesy of ThinkGeek

    Bubble Wrap Couture

    The Bubble Wrap Suit is perfect for my clumsy nephew. Go ahead, Brandon, fall down that elevator shaft again! $14.99,

    Courtesy of Derek Sasaki/My Pet Chicken

    Chicken Diapers

    Why’d the chicken cross the road? To get to the bathroom. With Chicken Diapers, my pet rooster can wander wherever he likes. $20.95,

    Courtesy of Japan Trend Shop

    Nose Straighteners

    The Nose Straightener is going to my uncle Paul, who answered honestly when his wife asked, “Do I look heavier now than when we first met?” $48,


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