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  1. funperson
    Dec 31 - 5:04

    I interviewed someone to be an Admissions officer at our university. When I asked her about her experience she said: “I filled out university application forms for my 3 kids.”

  2. Lyn
    Dec 30 - 7:06

    One time I told an interviewee to introduce herself. She told me her favorite color and favorite food. Seriously? What has that got to do with the job?

  3. Mortimer Post
    Dec 27 - 3:24

    How about an article on the WORST A S S H O L E interviewers for dogshit wage-slave jobs??? The only good “boss” is a DEAD boss!!!

  4. Moti.Prakashchin
    Sep 20 - 10:18

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  5. John Dc
    Sep 13 - 9:21

    The Human Resources Department: The worst of all people. Why companies even have an HR Department other than to give condescending, arrogant women a job and make them feel important is beyond me.

  6. Dami Fatale
    Sep 13 - 3:13

    I think the most important thing you can do for a job interview is to just be the classiest most honest version of your self and, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do in a church. Simple as that.

    • kittyconrad
      Sep 14 - 5:08

      My gosh! Some people in church burp, fart, eat, sleep and take money from the collection plate!

  7. The one
    Sep 08 - 3:10

    We interviewed someone who said they were looking for a new job that paid more because he had to pad his paycheck at his current job just to make what he thought was fair. Absolutely true.

  8. Chuck Penk
    Sep 05 - 5:05

    Some of the stuff is wierd or just wrong to do in an interview. But other stuff like the posters of himself could be viewed as doing something to stand out in the crowd.

  9. Mark
    Sep 05 - 12:02

    #3 is the definition of irony hahaha

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