18 Funny Road Signs Worth Slowing Down For

These real road signs clearly understand that it's not the destination, it's the journey.

Compiled by Brandon Specktor
Christina L.

"Hey buddy, where's the fire?

Clocked you going 12 and five-eighths back there."

Natalia Vlasova

Also, the driving dead.

Beware them too.

Janette Johnson


Which is it???

Jennifer Marshall

Just a second.

I think it's my turn to oG.

Kaye Nelson

Road closed?

But how will I drive to the volcanic eruption?

Kathy Dunning

That shouldn't be a problem.

I brought my own peedometer so I can see how fast I was going.

Tricia Bowdoin

Life in Maine

Keep it safe, people.

Margaret Gannon

Now that's a good home

Especially around Thanksgiving.

Here's a new message:


Craig Nordaker

Fastest surgeons in the West!

I hear they're working on a drive-thru option.

Leight Barboa

If you want to cross the road

you probably don't want to drive.

Christy Zedaker

Wish we lived in a different school zone.

Where the students passed.

Barry Roney

'Tis better to pull a U-turn on Lover's Lane at the Dead End

than to never have cruised it at all.

Joy Jewett

Preacher Pit Stop

A popular roadside attraction.

Joseph Earthman

But it does have a name...

No Name.

Those are cattle?

Look like people to me.

Carlos Linares

Nothing like a scenic trail...

Just don't touch anything.

Brianna Pfremmer

Odd choice.

Let's tick it and lickety split-it.

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