18 Funny Road Signs Worth Slowing Down For

These real road signs clearly understand that it's not the destination, it's the journey.

Compiled by Brandon Specktor
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    Christina L.

    "Hey buddy, where's the fire?

    Clocked you going 12 and five-eighths back there."

    Natalia Vlasova

    Also, the driving dead.

    Beware them too.

    Janette Johnson


    Which is it???

    Jennifer Marshall

    Just a second.

    I think it's my turn to oG.

    Kaye Nelson

    Road closed?

    But how will I drive to the volcanic eruption?

    Kathy Dunning

    That shouldn't be a problem.

    I brought my own peedometer so I can see how fast I was going.

    Tricia Bowdoin

    Life in Maine

    Keep it safe, people.

    Margaret Gannon

    Now that's a good home

    Especially around Thanksgiving.

    Here's a new message:


    Craig Nordaker

    Fastest surgeons in the West!

    I hear they're working on a drive-thru option.

    Leight Barboa

    If you want to cross the road

    you probably don't want to drive.

    Christy Zedaker

    Wish we lived in a different school zone.

    Where the students passed.

    Barry Roney

    'Tis better to pull a U-turn on Lover's Lane at the Dead End

    than to never have cruised it at all.

    Joy Jewett

    Preacher Pit Stop

    A popular roadside attraction.

    Joseph Earthman

    But it does have a name...

    No Name.

    Those are cattle?

    Look like people to me.

    Carlos Linares

    Nothing like a scenic trail...

    Just don't touch anything.

    Brianna Pfremmer

    Odd choice.

    Let's tick it and lickety split-it.


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