14 More Funny Signs Seen Around the World

Check out these silly signs spotted by our users and get ready to laugh. Have you seen a funny sign in your travels?

Compiled by Meaghan Cameron Compiled by Meaghan Cameron

If you can read this sign....

-- Submitted by Erin Darling

Truth in advertising.

-- Submitted by Malvina

If you feel a little destructive...

-- Submitted by Guy Breshears

Golden Touch Signs

-- Submitted by Kris Kildahl

Beauty Salon?

-- Submitted by Mike Sherman

Walk In Pain Clinic

-- Submitted by Robert Wetmore

What the servers wear at a local diner in Palmer, Alaska.

-- Submitted by Michelle Byrd

Seems a little harsh!

-- Submitted by Hal Norris


-- Submitted by Eric Deegear

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