Holiday Centerpiece Ideas for $10 or Less

This holiday season, use nature’s bounty and these charming, easy ideas to create a stylish centerpiece on a budget.


A bountiful bowl

Simply pile backyard finds like short branches, pine cones, acorns, bittersweet berries, and more into a large bowl. Don’t fuss with the placement of your fall finds–casual is best.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Beautiful branches

Place branches of vivid fall foliage in a sturdy vase to create an eye-catching centerpiece for a large dinner table or for a buffet table. Wait until right before your guests arrive to cut off these branches, as the leaves will drop quickly.

Source: Martha Stewart

Fantastic flowers

Local, autumn-hued roses, dahlias, poppies, and other seasonal flowers create a lovely display—and are much more affordable than out-of-season or exotic blooms. Begin your arrangement by placing thick-stemmed flowers in the vase, then fill in with thinner, more delicate-stemmed ones. And for easier table conversation, choose flowers that are less than 14 inches tall.

Source: Country Living

Hurricane lamp arrangements

For a quick, memorable centerpiece, insert a pillar candle into a hurricane lamp, then fill the base with seasonal leaves, acorns, cranberries, walnuts, or other nuts still in their shells. For safety’s sake, pile the natural elements no higher than one-third of the way up the pillar candle.

Source: Country Living

Grape expectations

Dusky Concord grapes and red grapes, teamed with grape leaves, dogwood leaves or other autumn foliage make a colorful, harvest-themed display. Paired with a selection of cheeses, this centerpiece can serve double-duty as dessert.

Source: Martha Stewart

Harvest-themed corn display

Pile multi-colored ears of decorative dried Indian corn in a bowl or basket for an easy holiday arrangement. You can also tuck dried wheat stalks between the corn cobs.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

A variety of vintage photos

A truly personal tableau can be created by copying family photos and spray-mounting the images onto stiff card stock so they’ll stand straight when leaned against candleholders, vases, or pumpkins. Tip: To match contemporary photos to your images of your ancestors, print the new ones out in black and white or sepia.

Source: Country Living

Sunset-hued produce

Gather gourds, orange persimmons or kumquats, red-skinned pears or pomegranates, baby pumpkins and more for a fruit and vegetable fall centerpiece. Pile them in a big bowl or basket.

A tower of teacups and plates

This innovative idea is perfect for an afternoon luncheon— and because it requires only a few flowers, it’s very budget-friendly. Stack vintage china plates and teacups to create a few tiered displays. Then tuck in your favorite fall flowers–orange roses look especially lush and autumnal.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Gorgeous gourds

For earthy, homemade autumn vases, hollow out gourds and place watertight containers inside them. Fill with water and then decorate with colorful fall flowers, leaves, and berries.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

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