If the British Royal Family Competed in the London Olympics

Kate, William, and the rest of the British royal family are bound to be keeping a close eye on the London Olympics: The royals do love sport.

from Best Health | Summer 2012
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    Princess Anne

    In the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Princess Anne (daughter of Queen Elizabeth) competed on the equestrian team, the first royal to compete in the Olympics. She didn't win a medal.

    Zara Tindall

    Anne's only daughter, Zara Tindall, is a leading British equestrian who was selected for the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, and now has qualified for the Olympic team in 2012.

    Prince William

    While Zara's cousin, Prince William, isn't an Olympics-caliber athlete, he is fit, as is his wife of one year, Kate. While at St. Andrews University, William played on the water polo team, was the rugby captain, and represented the school in cross-country running.

    Prince Harry

    William and his brother, Prince Harry, both play polo through the summer to raise money for charities. They love downhill skiing, too.

    Princess Kate

    Will's wife works out one hour every day; she favors weightlifting and the rowing machine. She also cycles and does yoga. As well, Kate is a runner, and reports say she'll run in the 2013 London Marathon with William. If they finish, they won't be the first royals to do so...

    Princess Beatrice

    Who was the first royal to ever complete the London Marathon? Princess Beatrice, 23 (daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson), this past April.


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