Life Imitating Art

For artist Jeff Hamada's Remade project on, student photographers replicated famous paintings from around the world. See which ones you recognize!

by Perri O. Blumberg
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    “Birth of Venus”

    Botticelli's famous nude is replicated by Kevin Thom as a model wind-blown on the beach.
    See the original at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence »

    “Weeping Woman”

    Adair Mckenzie's reconstruction of Picasso's "Weeping woman" uses the artist's signature jagged geometric shapes and bold colors in an innovative way.
    See the original at the Tate »

    "Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samary"

    Artist Marianna Oboeva remakes Renoir's oil painting, “Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samary” in a breathtaking, vibrant, contemporary photograph.
    See the original »


    Bastian Vice takes on Edward Hopper's career-crowning "Nighthawks" with a stunning rendering that brings the Greenwich Village diner to life on film.
    See the original at the Art Institute of Chicago »

    “Composition With Red, Blue and Yellow”

    This remake of Mondrian's "Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow" by Katie Jackson transforms his signature abstract wall paintings into a eye-popping presentation packed neatly into a suitcase.
    See the original »

    “The Last Supper”

    This modern take on da Vinci's "The Last Supper" by Pedro Gomes morphs into a whimsical, slightly comical version of the revered original.
    See the original »

    “Luncheon on the Grass”

    Manet's esteemed "Luncheon on the Grass" is taken on by Gizem Karakas in this creative rendition.

    See the original at the Musee d'Orsay »

    “Christina’s World”

    The well known painting “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth gets remade by Daryl Seitchik as a photograph of the woman outside the farmhouse.

    See the Original at MoMa »

    “Las Meninas"

    This oil on canvas piece by Diego Velázquez becomes an evocative photograph when Natalie Pereira captures the renowned painting with real models and exquisite perspective.

    See the original at Museo Nacional del Prado »

    “Liberty Leading the People”

    Delacroix's epic "Liberty Leading the People" commemorating the July Revolution of 1830 gets a modern day makeover by Fanchon Bonnefois where the allegorical significance of the original takes on a 21st century interpretation.

    See the original at the Louvre »

    “Creation of Adam”

    In Spencer Pidgeon's playful replication of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam," the famed fresco on the Sistine Chapel ceiling becomes a far less serious scene with a cameo from Gumby.
    See the original »


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    • RezaZ

      I only liked “Christina’s World”. It was the only one where the tone of the image from the original came through. “Nighthawks” was close. Unfortunately, the people in the other shots were too “posed” for my liking.

    • Charlie Peters

      California, Obama / Mitt,
      November contest would likely give the California winner prize to Obama but how
      would a 3 way Obama, Mitt & Ron write in vote count end up? RP votes in
      2008 were counted.


      The Goldman Sacs / Fed
      reserve / GMO food-fuel twins might create a fun contest with the Texas Dr. Ron
      Paul & Judge


      Auit the fed, support HR 459
      Paul & S 202 Paul

      Is this game about D R or other? maybe it is about saving the republic. Maybe
      Obama and Mitt are the underdogs.

    • Mir Quasem

      Brilliant really brilliant.

    • Kd

      That women isn’t curvaceous or plump enough to be Birth of venus


      “Woof, woof, to coin a phrase.” – New Yorker Cartoon
        by J.B. Handelsman

    • Karen

      Stupid and unoriginal.I bet all the “performers” think it’s awesdome though.

    • Scot Conway

      The people who think modeling is easy are people that have never had to do modeling or do photography of models.  There are days it goes well and you get the shots you’re after very quickly, and there are days you take dozens, even hundreds of shots and none of them seem to work.  When you do all the prep it takes to set up a single shot, it turns into a make-or-break event.  If the shot doesn’t work, days have been wasted.  My kudos and congrats for a great shoot.

    • joeleaux

      Hollywood “recreates” tv shows into movies and “recreates” old movies into “new” movies, musicians “recreate” songs by “covering” them … what ever happened to just creating and not recreating?

    • Anonymous

      What a beautiful woman.