Love Unleashed: Our Favorite Dog Stories

From Tim Tebow, Dean Koontz, and more: inspirational stories to make any pet lover weak in the knees.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | September 2012
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    Tim Tebow on Otis, His Comeback Dog

    We know him for football and his faith, but long before he was famous on the field, Tebow showed true grit in saving his treasured pet. Read more »

    Josh Duhamel on Meatloaf, the Rescue Pooch

    A Hollywood guy who's really a hometown hero: Josh Duhamel recently told us about his adopted dogs, how taking care of them primed him to be a dad, and more. Read more »

    Dean Koontz's Five Favorite Canine Books

    Having written several novels in which dogs play leading roles and many more in which they are supporting players, Dean Koontz notes, "some even think I am dog-obsessed." In this passage from The Literarian, he weighs in on his favorite dog stories ever. Read more »

    Roma on Her Adored Master, Steve Madden

    A dearly departed dog shares an inspirational story with the guy who played fetch all those years, but always came back home. Read more »

    Tell Us Your Tail!

    Pets steal our hearts, become our dearest friends, and can even save our lives. Post a miraculous or moving story about your furry, feathered, or scaled companion on our new Tumblr, StoryBox, for a chance to be published. Write, now! »


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    • Marin Vet

      Thanks for all these stories. Pets are wonderful. Thats why we have to take good care of them.

    • Jilzd13

      Yes..where do I post a pet story???

    • zgrqyl

      good story.

    • Csbaker98

      I enjoyed this article so much I bought The Art of Racing in the Rain, thanks to Dean Koontz’s list of five of his favorite canine books. I absolutely loved it. Now I shall go back to my Nook and purchase Merle’s Door!!

    • Lois K.

      Where do I post a story about my pet? Thank you.