A Healthy Sense of Humor: 18 Cartoons About Medical Care Today

Laughter truly is the best medicine


New Developments (Besides Your Love Handles)

"Good news. Your cholesterol has stayed the same, but the research findings have changed."

Shark Insurance

"... and could I just see your insurance card?"

Doctor Grammar

Possible Side Effects

"When we tested this drug on mice, nobody noticed any side effects."

A Question for the Doctor

"I have a question about my medication. Why is the couple in the commercial sitting outdoors in separate bathtubs?"

Finally Right

"Hello, doc. This is the 'hypochondriac.' Guess where I'm calling from?"

Chris Cater for Reader's Digest

A Missing Piece

Feeling the Pain

"My arm hurts."

Group Therapy

Strained Muscle

"It's a sprain in your left porterhouse."

Doctor On Call

"The doctor says you can put your pants on now."

A Joke of Little Appeal

"If it's any consolation, he slipped away peacefully."

Talking It Through

Pacemaker 2.0

"It's a pacemaker for your heart. Plus, you can download apps for your liver, kidneys, lungs, and pancreas!"

Troubling News

"I have some rather troubling news, Mr. Feingold. You're in my parking space."

Self Therapy

Drag and Drop

Help Wanted

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