25 Funny Military Cartoons to Make You Appreciate Our Troops and Vets

We salute these humorous odes to the armed forces

Mick Stevens for Reader's Digest


P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Operation Zeus

Susan Konar for Reader's Digest

Beached General

Jon Carter


Reading Material

"Half of it's good."

Catch 23

"It's Research and Development, General. They've come up with a Catch-23."

Serious Decisions

"It's your call, General. Are we the little blue guys or the little red ones?"


"How about if I just follow you on Twitter instead?"

Military Mix-Up

"I found your earring."

A New Calling

"My father was in the infantry, and his father before him was infantry. But somehow I ended up in punditry, cable news division."

At Dinner

"At ease!"


"I love your bling."

The Wheel Deal

"I hate backpacks."

Checking In

"Hey, it's been great talking to you, Mom, but I really have to go."

Don't Ask

"Don't ask, don't smell."

Falling off the Map

"I'll have to call you back. Major international crisis: All the little flags have fallen off our map."

War Games

"We're out of crayons."

Bad Day

Optical Illusion Obstacle

"This here is where the course starts getting a lot tougher."

Dirty War

"The drone strikes aren't working, Sir. Have you tried divorce?"

Bad Job

"Explain that maneuver to me, Johnson!"

A Green Suit

"They're solar panels."

Clicked Out


Colonel Coffee Talk

"This is so cool. Where'd you get the saber rattle ringtone?"

At Ease

"At ease."

In Sight

"In sight."

Military Nervous Habit

"Lawson, bring me a saber to rattle!"

New Deployment

Gender Roles

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