Our Cartoon, Your Caption

We asked our Facebook fans to submit their funniest captions for our cartoons. Here are some of our favorites.

compiled by Adrienne Farr

Group Therapy

Carla Arcilla:
  "We sock!"
Angella Hunt Hopkins:  "You are NOT a sock monkey!!"
Tashaffi Khan:  "Next time we better be panty-hose!"
Deb McCallum Klane:  "She never said a word. Just left me in the dryer at the laundromat."
Julie Hoover:  "She said we would meet in the next cycle....how did I fall for that same old line?"
Wayne Maupin:  "Well to tell you the truth, I'm just here for the free foot powder."
Kelly Locker:  "I wish the pain would heel, but my sole won't let it."
Faizan Atiq:  "Hurry!  Finally we got the opportunity to think by ourselves!"
Del Barton:  "I must have stopped at a dozen laundromats, but I knew my search would leave me de-feeted."
Adam Cohen:  "We have to do something about these sandals. They came between my toes and split them up."
Jerry Kulhavy:  "I've been asked to announce that we lost another one of our members."
Hector Jaramillo:  "I knew this would happen once she joined the sock puppet theater."
Wayne Maupin:  "Hey bud, you're a close match.  Wanna give it a shot?"
Carrie Cooley Aquiningoc:  "When it came to the clothes line, she just couldn't hang."
Aysen Darcan:  "I feel like I am pantyhose trapped in a sock's body."
Heather Haywood Reta:  "Your dryer or mine?"
James Bushart:  "They mistook her cremated remains for dryer lint and tossed her into the trash. I was appalled."
Richard DeFeo:  "I'm starting over, from now on it's clean socks only."
Corinne Ann Enriquez-Melton:  "I've been missing for months. Do you think they posted me on a milk carton by now?"
Bobbi Union Hughes:  "We were doing fine until that mutt dragged her away."
Liliana Figueroa:  "What's that smell?" 
Debra Manning Luptak:  "I saw there were holes in our relationship but thought they could be mended."
Kathy Gray:  "I miss my partner! My owner makes me mate with every sock in the drawer."
Chuck Chavez:  "Who cares, lets pair up!"
Lori Moose:  "I feel like the girl in the Titanic movie who loses her sole mate."
Ellen Coren Clements:  "Without my partner, I'm useless."
Jerry Dean:  "Maytag or Westinghouse?"
Joy Legge:  "The last thing I remember is spinning really fast and then they were gone."
Neill Stegall:  "Wow, I'm not the only one here?  Well, I'll be darned!"
Katie Romano Maguire:  "She had a warm sole but the daily wear and tear caused her to come unraveled."
Jeff Turner:  "I blame myself....I was always right...she left."
Wayne Maupin:  "It's like a Jay Leno look-a-like contest up in here."
Roy Wasson:  "Ok, this is too weird...last week's group all looked exactly like you."

Skeleton in the Dessert

Kayla Christensen
:  "Just gotta update my Facebook status real quick."
Jay Rednour:  "OK, Digest Diet, I'm checking in to let you know how well I'm doing."
Robert Kauffmann:  "Finally a signal!"
Hussein El Saghire:  "Exclusive access to afterlife applications."
Mal Beiner:  "Let me check that diet on my iPhone, I think I've been on it a little to long."
Norma Reid:  "I just can't miss the Young and the Restless."
Marie Ternullo Lee:  "Can you hear me now?"
Debra Manning Luptak:  "Siri, is there an oasis in my immediate area?"
Lois Wickstrom:  "A really good book will distract you from everything."
Chris Mart: "Dear Facebook, not even death will do us part."
Jerry Dean:  "Words With Friends ....... (WATER)
Christina Hicks:  "SWM looking for SWF who loves walking across the desert, music, and has food and water for two."
Raymond Corpuz Domingo:  Fossil Discovery: "Ancient people used technology."
Jennifer Larkey:  (singing) "The leg bone connected to the--knee bone, and the knee bone connected to the-- high bone..."
Sanskriti Shukla:  "Finally on the final level of Angry Birds!"
Draconas Purefire:  "I lost my life playing video games, good thing I got 4 more lives!"
Judson Jean-Mary:  "iDied"
Ahmad Pirani:  Status Update:  "Thank God there are no dogs in deserts."
Lisa Worme:  "Yeah Ma, I'm a little dehydrated."
Eric Johnson:  "Yep, I guess I should have used a stronger SPF."
Tony Acevedo:  "The hell.....I FOUND WALDO!"
Akshit Kanwal:  "OK, I'm not using a GPS again in my entire life!"
Wendy Tranter:  "Recalculating...."
Amanda Seppala Somero:  "Hmmm, I wonder if they have an app for this?"
Dang Quipse:  "No, no.  Don't you dare die before me!"
Kathy Antes DeHaven:  "No, bones about it!  Unlimited texting is not good for people who insist on having the last word."
Michele VanderWater Ferguson:  "Life's a drag - share it!"
Frank Arend Poth:  Caption:  Man Cannot Live On Apple Products Alone.
Nancy Versteegen:  "Oh snap!  That's my jam!"


Tina Chism:  "As if Marge needed another reason to hate Broccoli."
Wahaz Ahmed:  "So you want to go green, eh?"
Mickey Halley:  "When veggies go bad."
Peggy Hamlin:  "Take my purse, just don't make me eat you!"
Kathleen Craig:  "Eating too much broccoli always kills me."
Rebecca Wallace:  "Gimme all your lettuce."
Beth Johnson:  "This is a stalk-up!"
Diane Ogden:  "But I voted PRO VEGETARIAN."
Glenn Biggs:  "I've been stalking you."
Kipidy Dawn:  "I don't want your stupid pocket book lady. I'm here to deliver a message.  Word on the street is you're boiling your veggies too long."
Reian Palad:  "I ain't going to eat you. So shut up and take my money."
Bto BaCh:  "Nobody told me eating healthy was so expensive."
Ruby Alt:  "I know I need iron in my diet but not cold hard steel!"
Kelly Wolbert:  "You've blamed me for your flatulence for the last time lady!"
Jesse Grow:  "Show me the green!"
Gary Nelson Stevens:  "The grocery store thinks this way is quicker."
Sheik Gee:  "Give me your money.  I need it to gas up."
Lisa Magoch Johnson:  "I always knew vegetables were really bad for me."
Dustin Anderson:  "And you wonder why nobody likes you?"
Michele Renee' Clark:  "I have heard of stalking but this is a little extreme!"
Lynn R. Heim:  "Give it up lady or I'm gonna get steamed!"
Julie Rae:  "Your diet starts now, hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt."
Susan Hokama:  Payback for all those years of boiling out all my nutrients?"
Jann Flebbe:  "Wow--looks like someone needs to veg out."
Preksha Bhardwaj:  "How dare you call me YUCK."
Rediet Alemu:  "Wanna trade?"
Laura Pinto:  "I can't believe it--I'm being held up by the Broccoli Raber."

Man in the Green Suit

Drake Cherryl:  "The lady was mystified by this man who apparently had a deep childhood connection to his ice-cube tray."
Raymund Beltran:  LADY: "You don't have to explain sir."
MalaCk Wena:  "Ignore this, it's like my Facebook Timeline--can't get rid of it."
Willy King:  "This one for bravery can be yours if you dance with me."
Karen Jemmett Keating:  At that moment, she thought to herself:  "Unlimited wine, food and entertainment versus his childish tic-tac-toe obsession?  Hmmm...I think I'll date the Captain a little while longer.  Oh, waiter!!"
Kate Martin:  "I was awarded this medal for being first in line at the buffet."
Debbie Simorte:  "Does nobody care about etiquette anymore? It says right here on the invitation that this is a green wedding."
Kenneth Gaspard Uliel:  "The menu is listed here, ma'am."
June G DeLacerda:  "...and this is my cousin Marty, this is my friend Sherri..."
Jeff Moran:  "I got this one for performing with Bob Hope overseas."
Backsight Forethought:  "I cant drink that when I'm wearing this."
Stephen Greg Legat:  "I'm not in the military.  I'm your Maitre D.  I got this medal for my bouillabaisse."
Anthony Andersen:  "This is my bingo card.  Stamp your age and if you make bingo I will give you my number."
Kevin A. Kierstead:  "This ribbon is for the ugliest suit in 2004. This one is for the strangest looking hands in 2006."
Jann Flebbe:  "By texting in this manner, the highway patrol is clueless."
Marivic C Laforteza:  (Pick up line) "Are you a navigator?  Because you found the map to my heart."
Adria Vizzi Holub:  "Welcome to Singles with Multiple Personality Disorder.  These are my names."
Maureen Haigh Whited:  "You're right, it's really a Forever stamp."
Elijah InsertRandomness Drake:  "Yep, I happen to be an honorary boy scout."
Jennifer Schuch:  "..and this one is a secret button. Press it once and it calls for pizza, press it twice and it calls emergency services. You hungry?"
William Rafti:  "This bingo card is a bimbo magnet."

Aliens Meet Humans

Katie Hickman:
  "She is having an allergic reaction!"
Aditi Tandon:  "I told you not all Human Beings dress like Lady Gaga.''
Dawn Damron:  "Since my husband will not ask for directions I will. Can you tell us exactly where to head from here to get back on the right path to Mars?"
Tonni Puhan:  "So much for fitting in."
Jessica Chapman:  "Which way to LA?"
Marta Flocken de Everett:  "Where can we find a McDonalds?"
Andrew Krause:  "What?? We were born this way."
Travis Fleming:  "We come from planet Gaga. Would you please return our leader?  She bumped her head entering Earth's atmosphere and has been dancing ever since. Please do not make fun of her poker face, she was born that way."
Omkar Paranjpe:  Human Man to Human Woman-"Remember honey, once I said you are the ugliest woman on Earth?  Well, not any more!"
Nikki Barker:  "Are we in the right place for the Britain's Got Talent auditions?"
George Babsa-ay:  "You call us ALIENS?!"
Nick Waln:  "Have you seen our boyfriends? They crashed here in Roswell like 60 years ago."
Aiman Zaidi: "Gosh!! These humans are fashion disasters!!"
James Rumer:  "You're not like....going to tell our parents?"
Babs La Rosa Cornejo:  "That's not our spaceship."
Saira Asim:  "How would you like them Mama, grilled or steamed?"
Thomas Killay:  "That's Craigslist personals for ya!"
James Rumer:  "They cant be intelligent life, look how small their ears are."
Oel Wingo:  "Any jobs on your planet?"


Dennis D. Wilfong:
"Would you care for some cheese with that whine?"
Kristen Jones:  "I'm not sure there's a name for what's wrong with you."
Tiffanny Cato:  "Wait right here while I make sure your check clears the bank."
Yvonne Ruff:  "If only I had a head of hair like that..."
Gail Ahern:  "Has it ever occurred to you that you're BEYOND help?"
Diane Moriarty: "Your wife was not badgering you again, you DO have a bald spot."
Russell VanTyle: ‎ "You'll notice I rearranged the furniture since our last session. I feel this will help foster an environment of tranquility. That and my zipper broke."
Mariana Ardiles Thonet:  "I know your diagnosis is schizophrenia, but I do exist and you have to pay me."
Rachel Wong:  "I'm really glad to have you as my first patient."
Dawn Mattson:  "Yes there is life on Mars...the next shuttle leaves in an hour..here's your ticket."
Tiffany Joy: ‎"I came in here because people talk behind my back, and now look."
Jann Flebbe:  "You're right, Doc.  It is easier to talk from this chair."
Joy A. Johnson:  "I'm ordering pizza, what do you want on yours?"
Georgia Hubley:  "You say that no one understands you?  What do you mean by that?"
Sheila Little:  "Whatever your craving, you are not pregnant!"
Tammy Spano:  "Wait! You charge extra for using the couch?"
Wesley Moyer:  "What's the discount if I don't lie all the way back?"
Louise Fusher:  (Doc thinking) "If his head begins to spin, I am so out of here."
Jeff Moran:  "Is this the craziest waiting room or what?"
Loralee Jo Higley Kurzius:  Doctor: "Yes, insanity IS hereditary. You get it from your kids."
Suzan Gerstein Wolkoff:
  "You always tell me that I have multiple personalities! So when will the other guys chip in and pay for part of my hour?"
James Kodad:  "Just keep repeating, 'I am not obsessive-compulsive, I am not obsessive-compulsive...'"
Robert Coronado: "This is where I end up after one day with the new Timeline on Facebook."
Stewart Bauman:  "Listen Bob, I'm sorry but you have to lie there until someone comes up with a funny caption."
Pamela Scott McDonald: Dr: "So, ummm, what would be a seven letter word, starting with S that you would use to describe your emotions?  Uh, huh, okay, now an eight letter word ending in Y."

Easter Egg Chickens

Peg Jardin:
“I quit using bleach years ago.”
Sylvia Vasquez Velazquez: “My parents were hippies!”
Marty Hunsaker: “Oh, I only wear this when I have to cross the road - otherwise they don't see me so well.”
Tanushree Sharma: “You know they say I was hatched on Easter...”
Nikki Beg: “Oh my word, my husband volunteered to do the Parrots' laundry again and forgot to separate the colors from the whites.”
Cindy Lepage: “Honey, I told you not to take a nap while the chicks were dying Easter eggs!”
Bob Hathway: “It was a mixed marriage: my mom's a chicken and my dad's a painter.”
Bista Laxman: “‎...soooo you're Easter-Egg breed?”
David A. Crabill:  “Why should the eggs have all the fun?”
Jann Flebbe: “I'll show that cocky rooster what loud is!”
Angellan Herzig: “This is the latest print from Paris. What do you mean its too busy?” Christine Cruz: “Huh?!! I missed a spot??! Where?”
Rita Cook: “Got it at Khols! 30 %off!”
Kerry Trout: “Does this make my butt look big?”


Della Combs: "Can you take an x-ray of this bag and tell me if my car keys are in there?"
Erika Morales: "If you see any battery operated toys in here, please don't judge."
Paul Kida: "Steve, you forgot your purse again."
Michelle Webb: "This purse WAS in style when I got in line!"
Juls Junit:
"This bag makes me look fat. It's not mine." 
Dalila Holguin-Gaitan: "I know you have to check everything in my bags, so I came a day earlier for you to take your time."
Mehak Wasif: "Heavens! The plane's going to crash right into us! Hold this I have to update my status!"
Winston Siguan Candido: "Freddie, is that you? I thought you said you're the Manager?"
Sylvia Vasquez Velazquez: "Sir, does this bag match my shoes?"
Lim Chee Wah: ‎(whisper) "Honey, just this once. Or else, you're sleeping on the couch tonight!!"
Talha Karim: "Open the bag, take out the mirror and stand erect so I can check my hairstyle and lipstick."

Cable Guy and TV

Deanna Dressler Merry
: “Oh, I thought you wanted wireless!!!”
Ric Archbold:  "The problem isn’t the TV, it’s the house. You will need it replaced.”
Don Dunham: "This is really a microwave.”
Melisa Cruz: “Next time listen to your wife and don't try to fix it yourself.”
Joshua Keith: “Well Sir, your cable service is fine. The problem is with your TV. It belongs in a museum.”
Zora Shelton Roberts:  “Always someone crossing the line!”
Gerri Matras Lanter: “Got a hammer?”
Yadab Chapagain: “This is the cable, where is the TV?”
Jacob R. Gorham: “I missed lunch for this? Can I have that donut on your wall?"

Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe

Laura Wollenberg Cichon:
“Old woman, lives in shoe, has many children - seeking sole mate.”
Dustin Anderson: “Google Search: Odor Eaters."
Chaplain Debbie Mitchell: “Old Lady in shoe finally gets to use computer after children move out.”
Dee Kruzic: ‎"Wanted: Giant sandal to use as a summer cottage..."
Herb Kasube: “That guy who left me with all these kids is a real heel.”
Stewart Bauman: ‎"Dear Dr. Phil, Giving my husband the boot is not really an option..."
Jann Flebbe:  "For sale: Mobile home--child friendly.”
Babawale 'Aibet' Arabambi: “Will this computer boot on time? Too many startup e-shoes.”

Cow at Doctor

Joselito L. De Guzman: "There's a lot at steak with those ribs...”
Jann Flebbe: “Looks like a case of Moo-monia.”
James Ybarra: “Looks like you have some cowcium deposits.”
Alex Clair:  "Holy cow!"
Michael Lutton: "You seem to have a spare rib.”
Debbie Simorte: “Is this spot tender?"
Alex Clair: “At least your lifestyle is not at steak.
Van Son: "You need to do some blood tests because I doubt you got Mad Man Disease."

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