Our Favorite T.V. Mascots Remembered

T.V. mascots were once a huge part of commercials. Some were hilarious, others cute, and a few were just frightening. Check out our list of the most memorable.

By Meaghan Cameron from Reader's Digest
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    Smokey Bear
    We remember this figure best when he preached, "Only you can prevent forest fires." However there was something frightening about a huge bear telling us to be careful. It worked; we went nowhere near matches while in the woods. Actually we went nowhere near the woods at all.

    Mr. Kool-Aid
    This huge, red liquid-filled mascot burst through the walls when kids drank Kool-Aid. For us that would be a reason to stop.

    Ronald McDonald - McDonald's
    Maybe it's the clown thing, or the high levels of saturated fat… either way, Ronald was a little frightening. Grimace was just downright confusing.

    Cereal Brigade
    Trix Rabbit
    Trix commercials usually ended with this phrase: "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids." Considering the sugar content of the cereal, this always-denied rabbit was probably better off.

    Lucky Charms Leprechaun
    We loved the marshmallows in this cereal as children. We felt bad that people were always stealing the poor little man's cereal.

    Tony the Tiger – Frosted Flakes
    "They're Grrrreat!" We'll take your word for it, Tony. This is definitely a cereal for hyperactive 7 year olds.

    Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, and Franken Berry
    We are not sure why anyone needs to scare children into eating hyper-colored, sweet cereal.

    Weird Animals
    Cadbury Bunny
    A bunny that clucks? Considering the Easter tradition of a bunny that hides eggs is strange enough, we accept the clucking bunny--especially when he brings such delicious eggs.

    Morris the Cat – 9 Lives
    A cat with incurable ennui who only truly loves his food--we'll buy that.

    Charlie the Tuna – StarKist Tuna
    Who wouldn't trust a fish with glasses? Although Charlie wasn't really too smart when he decided to sell a brand of tuna.

    Mr. Peanut – Planters
    Here's another example of a model of comportment, too bad his end would probably be at a baseball game.

    The Duck – Aflac
    What does a talking duck have to do with insurance? We're not sure either.

    Gecko – Geico
    He's cute, sometimes, but not every 15 minutes.

    Chiquita Banana
    The way she balances fruit on her head is most likely a result of good nutrition from bananas. Sold.

    Pillsbury Dough Boy
    This cute little sailor's giggle always made us want crescent rolls.