Photo Fest: 15 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’d Never Wear

The funny folks behind the book "Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" shared some of their favorite tacky Christmas sweater photos with us.

By Damon Beres | with photos from the book Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater
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    Down With Santa

    "Who loves cookies and milk? This guy loves cookies and milk."

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Tourists

    Sunny skies and warm weather won't stop these two from rocking their tacky Christmas sweaters.

    Mixed Marriage

    Ugly Christmas sweaters come in many denominations as long as you're a believer in the tackiness of it all.

    Two Thumbs Up for Ugly

    Who's up to party? This is one ugly Christmas sweater bright enough for Times Square on New Year's Eve.

    The Couple that Goes Ugly Together...

    ... stays ugly together?

    Ugly Christmas Couple Goes to the Bar

    "Do you have eggnog on tap?"

    Manly Ugly

    Don't mess with the ug'.

    Bow Bros

    Proud to pledge Ugly Alpha Sweater-On at the annual tacky Christmas sweater party.

    Puppy Love

    We see a Fido needs an ugly Christmas sweater of his own with her face knit into it.

    True Love in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    Young couples, take a look: This is your future (or, make it your present).

    Rotary Trio Rocking the Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    They work hard for the ugly.

    Candy Cane Family

    Five cheers for ugly Christmas sweaters!

    Miss Ugly Christmas Sweater

    "Do you hear what I hear? Hark, the herald angels sing!"

    Ugly Christmas Kitty Sweater

    A purr-fectly ugly Christmas sweater for Rex.

    Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Although, probably proud to be ugly.

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    • miuson

      i dont think they are that ugly..

    • Shari Campbell

      I want all of them

    • EnergySaver

      Wow that’s what americans look like? Have fun there.

    • Ken

      what kind of person would wear something like that? LOL

    • Ken

      what kind  of sane human being would wear a thing like that? LOL

    • me

      I don’t think  ones you make yourself specifically for the purpose of ugly sweater parties and contests (yes I mean you guys with the tinsel ones, those do not come from a store ) count.  You can make it as ugly as you want, so in a way it’s cheating.

    • Reinl Margitta

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    • Iwrite4money

      I have absolutely no taste…  i liked some of those christmas sweaters.

    • Elsiel

      i love readers digest to read ….thanks

    • webgurl

      cute! <3