9 Recession-Proof Careers

Despite the economic downturn, these careers are still growing.

from Reader's Digest | March 2009
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    1. Education

    Math and science teachers will be in demand as the U.S. struggles to compete with other countries in engineering, technology, and medicine.

    2. Energy

    Some of the jobs in this field are the result of projects started a year or more ago. But the real boost will come from the new administration's commitment to a more efficient national energy system.

    3. Environment

    Solar powered reflective mirrors, Daggett, California
    Green is getting the green light in a nationwide push to make homes and office buildings more energy-efficient and to develop alternative energy sources (solar, wind, nuclear) as well as fuel cell technology.

    4. Financial Services

    Rising from the ashes of a very bad year, financial services will have a bright future.

    5. Government

    A business traveler watches as an airport security officer inspects his carry-on luggage.
    More than half a million federal employees will retire by 2016, leaving open positions at agencies from the CIA to AmeriCorps to NASA. There will also be opportunities at the state and local levels.

    6. Health Care

    Health care pops up at the top of just about every list of hot careers.

    7. International Business

    Corporations, consulting firms, nonprofits, and even governments are going after global markets. People with international expertise, foreign-language skills, or a willingness to move abroad will be in demand.

    8. Law Enforcement

    International terrorism makes daily headlines, and fear of financial insecurity is matched only by concern for our physical safety.

    9. Technology

    Computer technician working in server room
    New uses of technology in services and products like electronic health records mean that this sector will continue to be strong.

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