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  1. Blanca Ramirez
    Dec 31 - 9:37

    i uses apple cider and it works very good you soak a brown bag in the apple cider

  2. JON
    Sep 01 - 1:45

    Just a note about the alcohol remedy. This only works when you first contact poison ivy. Do not use it after it has already taken hold in your skin. It removes too much moisture from the skin and makes things worse.

  3. ARShams_Reflection
    Aug 22 - 8:26

    When I was just a child I usually saw my grand-mother to apply co-cumber slices or its paste on burnt spot etc. of anyone of us or did else more with this useful vegetable besides presenting it with various kinds of salads. Later my mother did almost exactly the similar. Now my wife does that proudly that she learnt from her maternal grand-mother and later from her mother (my mother-in-law).

  4. Lee
    Aug 14 - 12:56

    My sister keeps having spots crop up on her body more than a weak after exposure to poison ivy. She showers and washes her clothes after gardening and does so before sitting anywhere in her home. Any ideas about why this keeps happening?

    • Dr.Jack
      Sep 27 - 12:38

      she is allergic to something in her yard

  5. Jsjm
    Jul 07 - 7:23

    I have gotten poison ivy 15 times and dawn dish washing detergent always help. I was on steroids and finals a pharmacist told me to try dawn. It works try it

    • shannon
      Jul 24 - 7:35

      u just put the dawn soap directly o the ivy?

  6. Cayce58
    Jul 01 - 11:59

    I mash up Jewelweed and wipe the affected area. In severe case I bandage the pulp onto the affected area. Poison ivy always meant a trip to the doctor for my wife until I read about Jewelweed in a Tom Brown Jr. book. Native Am. called it the poison ivy plant. People I know swear by Dawn dish soap or bleach. Scrub blisters until they break. Bleach is an oxidant and perhaps destroys the active element. Dawn…I don’t know but it does have different chemicals than other soaps.

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