15 Comically Candid Cartoons About Politics and Money

Maybe they're not quite right for dinner table conversation, but these thoughtfully funny political cartoons and cartoons about money will be sure to make you smirk.


A Rocking Political System

"Congratulations, looks like you're in office!"

Time Distribution

"I've decided to retire from politics and devote full time to my family scandal."

Polling Time

"Harold is the 'margin of error' in those political polls."

Fifth Time is the Charm

"I'll only be a second. I've done this four times today."

Voter's Choice

"Isn't that the real genius of democracy? The voters are ultimately to blame."

Right to Choose

"What kind of 'moderate' do you prefer: a Democrat who sounds like a Republican, or a Republican who sounds like a Democrat?"


"How can someone who blows a hundred million on a political campaign be fiscally responsible?"

A Green War

"This should shut everyone up: energy-efficient, environmentally safe ballistic missiles!"

Bad Wiring

"Here's your problem, sir. You had your right-wing news cable connected to your left-wing outlet."

A New Breed

"They're Lawyerdoodles, bred to sniff out money and stragglers from the herd. And they don't shed."

Personal Monument

"At least yours looks something like you."

Bench Talk

"Actually, I couldn't care less what they do about capital gains."

Maxing Out

"My credit card awards me bankruptcy attorney points."

If It Ain't Broke

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