Easy Lit Up Star Pumpkins for Halloween

Make a statement this Halloween with a trio of glowing pumpkins. You'll need a drill to make patterned light holes in your pumpkins. Best of all, it takes just 5 easy steps.

from Halloween! Your Best Ever

You Will Need:
Old newspapers
Smock or old T-shirt
Sharp chef's knife, 6 to 8 inches long
Pumpkin-carving kit or thin-bladed serrated knives or saws
Large, strong tablespoon, serving spoon, or ice-cream scoop
Sharp-tip marker (non permanent)
Electric screwdriver or drill with varying bit sizes
Bucket for seeds and pulp

Step 1: Cut out lid with a chef's knife, sloping edges slightly inward.

Step 2: Scoop out seeds and pulp until walls are about 1 inch think.

Step 3: Mark a dot design using a template or straight edge.

Step 4: Drill dot holes with an electric screw driver or cut out designs with knife.

Step 5: Finally, place candle inside pumpkin and secure to bottom with hot wax.

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