Remember Everything! 8 Apps that Banish Forgetfulness

The one thing you never forget is your cell phone, right? Download these apps to help lighten your mental load for everything else you need to remember.

By Drew Anne Scarantino

Never Forget: Your passwords

The trouble with really secure passwords? It's hard to remember them. DataVault securely tracks all your codes in one spot, making it easy (and smart) to use separate ones for various sites. ($9.99; iPhone/iPad, Android)

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Never Forget: Important birthdays

Cleverbug syncs with your Facebook account. You'll get an alert when your contacts’ birthdays are approaching, and a prompt to create custom cards using photos from Facebook. Cleverbug then prints and mails the cards in two to five business days, so they arrive just in time for the big occasion. (free; iPhone/iPad)

Never Forget: Your keys

Simply attach a Hone Bluetooth device to your keychain, and the next time you lose your keys, launch the app. The device will buzz, light up, and beep. Hone can also let you know just how far away you are from the misplaced items, and alerts you as your get closer—or farther—away. (iPhone/iPad)


Never Forget: To take your meds

Whether you have a chronic condition or take daily vitamins, try RX Pal. The app can deliver multiple reminders, which is great for different medications, or even a family of users (ie you can track your inhaler, and your husband's pills). RX Pal also alerts you when your prescription is running low, and links to your pharmacy for easier refills. (free; Android)


Never forget: Your breast self-exam

We all know that regular breast self-exams can help detect cysts as well as breast cancer, but how often do you actually remember to do them? Your Man Reminder takes a cheeky approach to this serious issue. Choose your favorite hot guy, and once a month, he’ll pop up on your screen with a note of encouragement and a reminder to check. The app also provides information about cancer symptoms and a calendar for tracking doctor's appointments. (free; iPhone/iPad, Android)


Never Forget: What you have to talk about

Remember what you wanted to talk about before you pick up a call (work or play). Attach a note to any of your phone contacts with bytNotes, and it pops up on your incoming call screen. ($0.99; Android)


Never forget: Your car's next tune-up

Don’t be that person on the side of the road wondering why the engine is smoking. Car Maintenance Reminder notifies you when your car needs scheduled maintenance, in addition to tracking fuel usage, efficiency, and cost. ($2.99; iPhone/iPad, Android)


Never Forget: When your favorite show is on

TV Guide lets you view listings by time or channel, search for specific shows, and organize your favorite series, sports teams, movies, and actors to see what's playing on television or available on demand. You can even set reminders for specific shows so the app alerts you when they're about to air. (free; iPhone/iPad, Android)

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