6 Romantic Words with No English Equivalent

Sometimes love defies language. Other times, just English.

By Brandon Specktor
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    Pronunciation: saw•’dah•djee
    Origin: Portugese
    Definition: n., a strong feeling of missing someone you love.


    Pronunciation: ’tooq•bur•nah
    Origin: Arabic
    Definition: n., a love so deep, you can’t imagine life without your partner. Literal English translation: “You bury me.”


    Pronunciation: ‘rhoo•trooh•vahy
    Origin: French
    Definition: n., the joy of reuniting with someone after a long separation. Literally “rediscovery.”


    Pronounced: uhns•’rah
    Origin: Boro language of India
    Definition: n., the bittersweet feeling that occurs in those who know their love won’t last.


    Pronunciation: ‘mah•mih•lah•pee•nah•tah•pay
    Origin: Fuegian (language of Tierra del Fuego)
    Definition: n., a look between two people in love that expresses unspoken but mutual desire.

    Koi No Yokan

    Pronunciation: ‘koy•noh•yo•kin
    Origin: Japanese
    Definition: n., upon meeting someone, the feeling that the two of you may soon fall in love.


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      love isn’t winning someone but loosing ur self 2 smone its not due 2 da excellent of ur mindbut due to the purity of ur heart

    • batrosanu

      the one in arabic is obviously wrongly written lol

    • test


    • Brett Delong

      It is interesting and speaks to English/American perspectives that such words have no English equivelent.

    • K. Maki

      Funny ??? N O !!!! Why not choose words that do have funny meanings in English, such as the French “mon petit chou” meaning “darling” but translating literally as “my little cabbage” ?

      • Brett Delong

        I tried that with a French girl I was seeing who was entiry unimpressed.

        • Ciara

          did you pronounce it correctly? haha.. jk.. maybe it’s a term used between more intimate couples and not those just seeing each other.. i’ll have to make a note of that. LOL

    • Zeek


    • Rose El Rivas

      Those words are really amazing! It can be used if you want your statement to be quite bizaare.. :))