9 Colorful Flowers That Grow in Shade

Love flowers but think your garden doesn't get enough sun? These shade flowers grow happily even without a lot of direct sunlight.

By Reader's Digest Editors
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    Lily of the Valley

    These tiny white flowers grow well in deep shade, emit an enchanting fragrance in late spring and early summer, and brighten up dark corners.

    Alpine Forget-Me-Not

    Add clouds of color to your garden with a patch of tiny azure-blue flowers. They thrive in dry shade, conditions that can be particularly difficult.

    Jacob's Ladder

    These bell-shaped, purple perennials adapt well to flower gardens and tolerate both shade and sun.

    Solomon's Seal

    Gracefully arching stems support clusters of tubular white flowers and long, bright green leaves. A perfect plant for a shady border.

    Anemone Blanda Blue

    Also known as the winter windflower, Anemone Blanda Blue thrives in partial shade. Its purply-blue, daisy-like flowers will add a festive touch to your patch.


    These are good groundcover plants for deep shade, with hairy, dark green leaves spotted with white. In early spring, clusters of funnel shaped flowers open pink and then turn blue.


    Viola is a huge genus of flowering plants including some 400 to 500 species. Leaves of these species are usually heart-shaped and scalloped-shaped, while the five-petaled flowers come in scores of colors.

    Cowslip Primrose

    Who needs sunshine when you have a carpet of yellow or red flowers with crinkled bright-green foliage?

    Tuberous Begonias

    These flowers are popular for their variety, coming in red, orange, yellow, white, salmon, or pink blooms. Tuberous begonias blossom throughout the summer, thriving in shady spots where few other plants with long bloom periods and showy flowers can grow.

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    • sioux

      Brunerra trollius trilllium all bloom in shade.

    • Gwendolyn

      Another shade loving perennial is Lenten Rose which blooms in late winter/very early spring!

    • prince

      me 2 i love flowers!

    • http://www.66squarefeet.blogspot.com Marie

      A correction: It is Solomon’s Seal, not Solomon’s Shield!

    • Rosemariegabriel

      I love flowers, these particularly because my house is surrounded by trees, though we live in the lowlands. Are these flowers available in the Philippines?

    • Dexiegirl1

      what about trees that will live in a bright area but no sun?