Table Manners: What You Need to Know

Follow these four simple etiquette tips at your next dinner party.

By Tara Conry from Reader's Digest | July 2009

1. The bread plate is the one on the left (though on a crowded table, the bread plate on the right may look closer).

2. The wine and water glasses are on the right.

3. How to remember this Make an "okay" sign with both hands by touching the tip of each thumb to the tip of your forefinger. Your left hand will form a lowercase b (for bread), and your right will form a d (for drinks). Or remember the acronym BMW: bread, meal, water/wine.

4. Worst-case scenario If a dinner companion mistakenly uses your bread plate, don’t throw the rest of the table off by commandeering the next nearest one. Discreetly ask the waiter for a new one, or skip the bread.

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