Blogging, Tweeting, Apps, Oh My! 23 Funny Cartoons Technophobes Can Appreciate

Because gadgets and gizmos are always good for a laugh, at least

Pat Byrnes

The Visionary

John Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Bad Reception

Phil Witte

So Realistic

John Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Low Tech Support

Getting In

"Username and password, please."

The Grim Retweeter

"Before you take me away, I just want to update my profile picture."

International Facebook

"Huh. So Iran just friended us on Facebook ... Like, do I accept?"

Family Twitter

"Ma's been following me on the Twitter again."

Dan Reynolds


Graveyards 2.0

Changing Faces

Pacemaker 2.0

"It's a pacemaker for your heart. Plus, you can download apps for your liver, kidneys, lungs, and pancreas!"

Paradise Blogged

"You had to blog about it."

The Smart Aleck Phone

"It took you 10 minutes to type that?!"

"As if she wanted to speak with you anyway."

"You have zero new messages ... no surprise there."

"Corduroys? Really?"

To the Death

Drag and Drop

"Now I want you to open your hard drive. Click on your Applications folder. Do you see a folder marked 'Suicidal Impulses'? I want you to drag that to the trash."

Previous Owner

"Apparently, the previous owner was some sort of evil genius who was hell-bent on world domination."

MP3 Rejection

"We see this sometimes. It's rejecting your tunes."

Being Courteous

"Mind if I light up?"

Technology Goes Too Far

Listening In

New Technology

Grocery Store 2.0

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