The Best (and Funniest) Relationship Advice Dad Ever Gave Me

12 Facebook readers share the best dating advice they received from their dads.

By Reader's Digest Facebook Fans

1. Marry an ugly man. Because if he ever leaves you, at least you won't feel bad since, you know, he's ugly.

-- Lorraine Ontong Venturina

2. Unfortunately, it was advice that I didn't listen to. In 1986, as he was walking me down the aisle to marry my first husband, he whispered that we could keep on walking...straight out the side door of the church, and he and my mom would never question it. I should have listened; that marriage lasted only two and a half years. Father knows best!

-- Kim Goodwin Templeman

3. Don’t date that doctor...he's probably taking something for the same thing he treats his patients for.

-- Carrie Perkins Thompson

4. If you think you know someone, live with them and you'll know for sure!

-- Jamie Arnold

5. No matter how much money or great looks someone may have, we will all be buried in the same dirt hole.

-- Kathie Arana Mendez

6. Never love out of pity!

-- Abdulazeez Imran Abdulatif

7. Wait for the man who is man enough to love you and never let you go, like you for who you are, and respect you enough to be true to you!

-- Babyruth Chuaunsu

8. Marry a man who will love your daughter.

-- Sandra Salditos

9. Don't believe every promise a man makes you.

-- Rowena Bobis Catangay

10. A relationship is like glass, when something makes it break, even if you try to fix it, it'll never be the same.

  -- Raquel Infantes Montalvo

11. Don't settle for anything that does not make you happy and proud.

-- Dawn O'Connor

12. To marry a man like him!

-- Christi Copeland Stapleton

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