3 Unique Homes Built Just for Spite

Forget siblings, government officials, and the public at large: These stubborn homeowners bow to no one.

By Alison Caporimo from Reader's Digest Magazine | September 2013
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    No, Move the Highway

    Elderly homeowners Luo Baogen and his wife wouldn’t give in to the government when city representatives demanded to buy their home in Wenling, China, so they could demolish it and build a highway. When the neighboring homes were knocked down, the Baogens stayed put, and the road was constructed around their house.

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    Get Off My Lot!

    To prevent people from using the alley next to his house, an irritable resident filled the space with this seven-foot-wide abode in Alexandria, Virginia.

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    Oh, Brother

    What if you and your brother had inherited a big plot of land—and he built a huge house on it while you were away serving in the military? That’s exactly what happened in Boston in 1874. Left with only a sliver of property, the resourceful soldier constructed a small wooden house abutting his brother’s, blocking the sunlight and destroying his sibling’s view.


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    • stinkerbell65

      Photos 2 & 3 remind me of Stuart Little’s house!

    • Katherine Maki

      Come on, RD. This house was not built “for spite”; it was there before the highway went through. Journalists !!!! Bah! Humbug !

    • ReggieA

      That house (Picture #1) wasn’t “built for spite”. It was there first!
      The /road/ was built that way, for spite!
      Give discredit, where discredit is due!

      • burntanne

        You know – you’re right! The house WAS there first! But, one of the first things I thought of when I saw the picture was the same as Patty’s above. Somebody’s gonna run into that house. Then I hope the government takes the loss instead of the homeowner!

    • Patty Finnicum Stoker

      You know someone is going to run into that house, probably sooner rather than later.

    • kotoc

      Why not put the highway to go on just ONE side of the house? They are criminally insane to do their people this way, just because they don’t want to leave their home!!

      • BigLouie

        They built the highway where it needs to be knowing they will drop that house and fill in the small square when the time comes. The homeowner is just buying some time!

      • Wolfsbane

        It being China, I’m sure they’ll find some bogus charge to drag them off to the gulag for allegedly doing.