5 Animals With Unusual Superpowers

These creatures can do amazing things.

By Beth Dreher

Bumblebees possess a sixth sense

A bumblebee generates a positive electrical charge as it flaps its wings, and transfers some of the charge to a flower when it lands. Thanks to a 2013 study in the journal Science, experts now know that when bees detect a change in a flower's charge, they avoid the flower, sensing that another bee has recently removed its pollen.


Peregrine falcons have lightening speed

Move over, cheetahs. Peregrine falcons have been clocked at 242 mph, making the black and gray birds the fastest members of the animal kingdom. Diving toward prey, peregrines tuck their wings into their bodies, creating an aerodynamic teardrop shape perfect for quickly striking unassuming birds and small mammals.


Sloths can survive nearly any wound

Three-toed sloths may not move quickly, but their speedy recovery from wounds that would kill other animals have made them the focus of scientific research. Some experts believe that the scores of beneficial bacteria that live in a sloth's fur help sloths heal unusually quickly, and without infection.


Reindeer have super vision

Reindeers' unique ability to see UV light allows them to better forage for food and avoid predators in the harsh Arctic landscape. Their primary winter food source, lichens, and the fur of their main predator, the wolf, both absorb UV light, so they stand out against the UV-reflecting snow.

Wikimedia Commons

Lyrebirds are master imitators

These Australian birds are renown for their ability to mimic sounds including a chainsaw, a car alarm, a dog's bark, and the click of a camera shutter.

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