Stunning Wave Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real

Photographer Clark Little captures beautiful ocean and wave photos from an unbelievable perspective, as seen in this stunning collection from his book Shorebreak.

Adapted from The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little
Clark Little Photography

Rainbow Shave ice

"Taken during a sunset using a strobe flash submerged in the wave. The foreground is colored with light from the flash while the background is colored by a spectacular sunset. Where one ends, the other begins. Named after the shave ice (snow cone) flavor popular in Hawaii which includes all of the colors found in a rainbow."

Clark Little Photography

Wave Dance

"Surfer Flynn Novak is riding a shorebreak wave with just inches of water under his feet. The flash didn't fire in this shot and created the silhouette. Sometimes mistakes come with great results."

Clark Little Photography


"A backlit wave packing a punch and about to detonate."

Clark Little Photography

Shooting the Pier

"I went [to Mailbu] one time when the waves were big—6 to 8 feet. They were breaking from the point all the way down to the pier so that's where I was shooting. I had to swim hard the whole time to make sure I didn't get sucked into the pilings."

Clark Little Photography


"When the waves are too big on the North Shore or if the wind direction is really bad, I drive around to the West side of the island where it is another world and a new color palette."

Clark Little Photography

Josh Garner

"Bodyboarder Josh Garner is somebody who would ride anything. I remember yelling at him to go on this wave. He ended up stuck at the top and got thrown right into the sand."

Clark Little Photography


"Teahupoo, on the main island of Tahiti, is one of the heaviest surfing waves on the planet. It breaks way out to the sea on a shallow, sharp, live coral reef instead of sand. The water sucks back and forth so quickly making it scarier to swim into the lineup."

Clark Little Photography


"Backwash from the previous wave hits this wave straight on, causing the water to extend upwards and holding the wave back from breaking."

Clark Little Photography

Sea Snake

"The view looking into a mutant wave that is about to come down.... The shallowness of the beach can be seen by the wave picking up the sand off of the sea floor into the wave itself."

Clark Little Photography

Ocean Eagle

"An endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (known in Hawaii as Honu) swims behind a breaking wave in the shallow water off of the North Shore."

Clark Little Photography

Little at "Work"

"Shorebreak" is a unique collection of wave and ocean photographs taken in some of the world's most amazing surfing locations. Here, photographer Clark Little in his "office," five minutes down the road from his house.

Clark Little Photography


For more on Clark Little and his wave photography, pick up "Shorebreak" here.

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