Weird News: When Super Heroes Behave Badly

A punch in the gut, pepper spray in the face? Superheroes on Hollywood Boulevard may not act like superheroes in Hollywood blockbusters, but the cutthroat impersonator business means that sometimes fighting for a tourist's dollar is more important than fighting for justice.

By Kelli Fitzpatrick
Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Captain America Takes on Self, Spidey

Fed up with impersonators who hustle tourists on Hollywood Boulevard, a man dressed in a Captain America suit punched another Captain America and a man in a Spider-Man costume in May 2013. By the time police arrived, eight "heroes" were involved in the melee, but there were ultimately no arrests.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Spider-Man Snatches Cash

A Los Angeles Spider-Man street performer is still on the lam after stealing more than $6,000 cash and credit card receipts from an 89-year-old Starline Tours accountant as she was leaving a company office on Hollywood Boulevard in April 2013. Shortly after the heist, police questioned several Spider-Man performers, but none were implicated in the crime. 

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Catwoman Lashes at "Ozzy Osbourne"

A bad day on Hollywood Boulevard in February 2012 ended with Catwoman showering Ozzy Osbourne with pepper spray. "He was antagonizing me so I did it," the Catwoman impersonator told NBCLA, claiming that the man dressed as The Prince of Darkness, a man in an alien mask, and a Jack Sparrow impersonator were disturbing her time with tourists. Police made no arrests in the case.

Thos Robinson/Getty Images

SpongeBob Squarepants Brawl

While working on Hollywood Boulevard in September 2011, a man dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants was caught on video taunting two women who quickly took matters into their own hands, pummeling the oversized character. Police arrived on the scene and forced the man to take off the costume, but did not arrest him.

China Photos/Getty Images

Behind the Mask

In June 2010, L.A. police staged a sweeping crackdown on unruly impersonators. Men dressed as Batman, Zorro, and Yoda were among the 17 performers arrested for demanding tips and blocking the sidewalk. Some of the masked men were found to have prior arrests for theft and forgery.

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