Weird Ways to Freshen Your Car

These unconventional tips will help get rid of car smells and keep unwanted odors at bay.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | July/August 2012
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    Sniff salts

    Pour fragrant bath salts into a loose-leaf tea strainer, and place it in the glove compartment for a fast refresher every time you pull out the map.

    Get a whiff of wax

    Drop a potpourri wax tart— commonly made by candle companies—into a cup holder, and take your favorite scent with you wherever you go.

    Dry and drive

    Lay fresh herbs, such as basil, on a piece of newspaper in the backseat and leave the windows rolled up to dry the leaves and banish bad odors.

    Sprinkle oil

    Shake a few drops of lemon or eucalyptus essential oil onto car mats for a naturally sweet scent that will last a few weeks. 

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