Guess the Surprising Meanings of These Really Weird Words

Don't you just love "petrichor"? Especially if you're one of the "bibliobibuli" that feels especially inspired after a good storm? No idea what I'm talking about? Get the definitions of 8 weird words here.

By Alison Caporimo
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    Even prairie dogs do it.

    Impress Your Date...

    With your vocabulary and this skill.

    For All The Bookworms Out There...

    You're not alone.

    Barack Obama Looks Like He Gives A Good Hug...




    Who Knew...

    There was a word for that deliciously moist and earthy smell?

    Swap This One With...

    "Glow" and "beam"...every chance you get.

    The Men of Movember...

    Know all too much about this practice.


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