What Can a Billion Dollars Buy You?

It's amazing how far those zeroes can stretch.

By Caitlin O'Connell with Kelsey McKinney
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    Mark Lyons/Getty Images

    The Chicago Cubs. Price Tag: $1 Billion

    The fourth-most valuable franchise in baseball could be yours: As of March 2013, Forbes calculated the Chicago team's value to be $1 billion.

    Brad Barket/Getty Images for Hulu

    Hulu. Price Tag: Starting at $1 Billion

    Although Hulu reconsidered its decision to sell in July, a host of bidders were willing to pay up to $1 billion for the streaming video service. 


    Solo Cup Co. Price Tag: $1 Billion

    Solo Cup Co. was bought for one billion by the Dart Container Corporation in March 2012. Although Solo does make other disposable food products, the company's iconic red cup was the star of the sale.

    George Frey/Getty Images

    All the Bitcoins. Price Tag: $1 Billion

    While questions persist about Bitcoin (here's our helpful explanation), a recent and sudden surge in the virtual currency's popularity boosted the exchange rate per individual unit from $32 to over $92. This raised the collective worth of the eleven million Bitcoins in circulation to a cool billion.

    Sean Gardner/Getty Images

    Restore the Gulf of Mexico. Price Tag: $1 Billion Minimum

    As part of its legally mandated reparations in the wake of 2010's devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP made an initial payment of one billion dollars to the Gulf Coast states to finance coastal restoration efforts. However, even the ten-figure donation was merely a drop in the bucket; three years after the spill, the National Wildlife Federation warns the cleanup is far from over.

    Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

    The Hannah Montana Franchise. Price Tag: $1 Billion

    Power up the time machine: In 2008, you could have bought Miley Cyrus. The wildly popular Hannah Montana franchise, including its TV series, concert tour, 3D movie, and merchandise, raked in an estimated one billion dollars for the then 15-year-old starlet.


    Asia's Live Reef Fish Trade. Price Tag: $1 Billion

    The live-food fish trade is booming in Hong Kong and mainland China, where the (literal) appetite for exotic reef fish is so strong the market brings in an estimated one billion annually.

    Jhariani/Wikimedia Commons

    The Antilia. Price Tag: Starting at $1 Billion

    It's only the world's most expensive home: Antilia, in Mumbai, India, is a 27-story, 570-feet tall mansion built by one of the world's richest men and rumored to require 600 staffers to maintain it. The building is nearly a neighborhood unto itself, with a ballroom, temple, health center, movie theater, terraced gardens, and multiple car lots and helipads.

    Real Madrid C.F./YouTube

    Real Madrid Island Resort. Price Tag: $1 Billion

    Real Madrid's planned billion-dollar luxury resort will be built on an artificial island in the United Arab Emirates. Along with opulent accommodations, a yacht club, and an amusement park, other attractions for the club's devoted fans will include a team museum and a 10,000-seat stadium on the sea.


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