What Company Logos Looked Like When They Were Young

The Microsoft logo beefed up, the Apple logo stripped down, and McDonald's used to be a "famous barbeque." You decide whether these famous company logos changed for the better, or worse.

By Brandon Specktor
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    Like a persnickety bride before her wedding, Yahoo! Inc. tried 30 new looks for 30 days in a row before settling on the clean purple getup you see here. The logo redesign is tame compared to some other contenders, sticking close to the company's original 1994 design. Other corporate redesigns have not been so conservative. Click through to see how far some companies have come, and let us know in the comments which looks better: the old, or the new.



    Apple Inc.


    Coca Cola

    National Broadcasting Company


    American Telephone and Telegraph Co.

    General Electric


    Cartoon Network

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    • bipin gaur

      I don’t like Yahoo new logo, who uses bevels anymore? Microsoft 75 logo is REALLY horrible, firefox is one of the most evolved ones,

    • Guest

      Firefox logo is wrong. the 2002 logo is of, not firefox

    • Berta

      Microsoft’s 1975 version is better!
      Apple old logo look like an illustration from novel

      And RD’s new logo easily stick to my eyes