What Do You Give Your Pet on Valentine’s Day?

Our Facebook fans share the ways they show the love to Fido and Fluffy.

from Reader's Digest | February 2012

We asked our Facebook followers to share the nice things they'll do for their pets on this special day.

1. Heart-shaped dog treats!
-- Mary Ann Voss

2. New scratching post and a fresh bag of catnip.
-- Lora Parker

3. Really? Gifts for pets on Valentine's Day? Seems a bit excessive.
-- Emily Peterson

4. Maybe an extra piece of meat from my dinner.
-- Suzanne Gerard

5. A long walk, a homemade meal, and lots of hugs and kisses!
-- Mary Harper

6. A day of relaxation at the dog spa.
-- Ardyey Navarro

7. Catnip for my loveable kitties and a squeaky toy for the puppy.
-- Anna Karner

8. A rawhide bone ties with a red bow.
-- Mitzi Goldman

9. I'd take him outside, let him bark at cats... and I'd pretend to scold him.
-- Ramdina Hnamte

10. A big carrot and lots of love for my horse!
-- Kaitlin Del Piano

11. Her own facebook profile! LOL!
-- Yazz Viera

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