What Foods to Eat to Beat Hay Fever

If you suffer from spring allergies take a look at your plate: Some foods can make allergies worse. Surprised? Here’s how to eat for relief.

Adapted from Foods That Harm | Foods That Heal

Foods That Harm: Honey

If pollen leaves your eyes red, skip honey: The sweet stuff can have microscopic amounts of the allergen mixed in.

Foods That Harm: Fermented foods

If mold makes you sneezy, skip anything that’s been fermented or could harbor other strains of mold spores: raisins, beer, wine, sourdough bread, blue cheese, pickles, and vinegar.

Foods That Harm: Plants in the sunflower family

If ragweed triggers your symptoms, avoid its edible relatives as well: tarragon, artichokes, endive, and chamomile tea.

Foods That Heal: Flaxseeds

The tiny seeds are packed with omega-3s, but don’t pop them whole: The body can absorb their fatty acids only when the seeds are ground.

Foods That Heal: Tumeric

The prime ingredient in this Indian spice, curcumin, has a natural antihistamine effect. Stir it into soups, egg dishes, and curries.

Foods That Heal: Salmon and herring

Some reports suggest that eating omega-3 fatty acids can help soothe symptoms; salmon and herring are excellent sources.

Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal

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