Your 100-Word True Stories: Contest Winners

More than 7,000 people entered our contest and gave us the Reader's Digest version of their lives. Here are the top tales of love, family, insight, and inspiration; plus, you can share your own here.

Also in Reader's Digest Magazine June 2014

pocket watch


By Michelle Brueger, Bennettsville, South Carolina

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. On road trips, we competed over who sported the most hawks first. Our favorite competition was, upon seeing each other, who could say the words “I love you best” first. If I got him first, Dad would reply, “I’ll get you—just wait.”

My dad died the night before my 50th birthday. The next day, Mom brought me a gift, saying, “This is from your dad. He bought it for you five years ago.” Inside was a beautiful gold pocket watch. Engraved on the inside were the words I love you best—Gotcha.

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