Your 100-Word True Stories: Contest Winners

More than 7,000 people entered our contest and gave us the Reader's Digest version of their lives. Here are the top tales of love, family, insight, and inspiration; plus, you can share your own here.

Also in Reader's Digest Magazine June 2014



By Edna Peters, San Jose, California

“Mom, I’m going to have heart surgery tomorrow and know I’m not going to make it. I’m just calling to tell you goodbye and ask you to forgive me for all the heartache I’ve caused. I know I’ll have the smallest funeral ever because I don’t have any friends left. Please forgive me.”

He died three days later in prison, loved and not forgotten by friends.

A Facebook posting resulted in his funeral not being the smallest one ever as he feared. His childhood friends, neighbors and extended family members were there and the chapel was full to the brim.



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