Believe in Luck? These 9 Ordinary People Sure Do

Coincidence? Divine intervention? A really good day? Whatever way you define luck, these people got it.

By Melody Warnick | Reader's Digest magazine


Kagen McLeod for Reader’s Digest

The Unluckiest Woman in the World?

Ann Hodges was snuggled under a blanket on her couch in Sylacauga, Alabama, one afternoon in November 1954, when a grapefruit-size meteorite burst through the roof of her house, bounced off a radio, and struck her left hip. She is thought to be the first person in modern history to be hit by a meteorite. “I think God intended it for me,” Hodges, then 31, said.

Trailed by a fireball big enough to be seen in three states, the space rock was traveling between 200 and 400 mph, according to scientists, when it reached her. Hodges was badly bruised but didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

Hodges died of unrelated causes in 1972. The offending rock is on permanent display at the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

Kagen McLeod for Reader's Digest

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