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Awesome Acts of Charity You Probably Never Heard Of
Awesome Acts of Charity You Probably Never Heard Of

When a billionaire like Bill Gates whips out his checkbook to help the less fortunate, it's not so… >>

military appreciation
America Says Thanks: Wal-Mart to Hire Veterans Seeking Jobs

Facing a staggering unemployment rate of over 20 percent, much higher than the national average… >>

Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride: Flying Pioneers
Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride: Flying Pioneers

One day after the announcement that Sally Ride, the first woman astronaut in space, had died, there… >>

Amazing Athletes: Three Must-See Videos
Amazing Athletes: Three Must-See Videos

As an aging soccer player and runner, I love seeing spectacular displays of athleticism in… >>

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
A Vivid Reminder: One Vietnam Vet’s Quest

This vivid Washington Post profile of Jan Scruggs, the driving force behind the Vietnam Veterans… >>

A Movie That Sings, From a Member of the Dave Matthews Band
A Movie That Sings, From a Member of the Dave Matthews Band

When I trace back the events that have led to my greatest happiness, inevitably I arrive at this… >>

A Deaf Person's Favorite Music
A Deaf Person’s Favorite Music

As my co-workers can attest, I spend a good part of most work days with ear buds firmly in place… >>

Robin McGraw
Robin McGraw Shines a Spotlight on Domestic Violence

One terrible night, her mother’s fierce protective instinct taught Robin McGraw to stand strong. >>

Hurricane Sandy - Waves for Water (2012)
Photo Essay: A Surfer Makes Waves With Post-Hurricane Relief

After Superstorm Sandy devastated coastal communities in New York and New Jersey, professional… >>

mother-in-law secrets, hugging son
The Day I Felt the Richest

We asked and you answered: here are four incredible moments when our readers felt their richest. >>

Bob Erb
Everyday Heroes: The Lottery Winner’s Legacy

Looking to help a young woman with cancer, a lottery winner gave one burger-flipper the tip of a… >>

Liz Vaccariello
Editor’s Note: My Heart’s in Yosemite

Grappling with the Yosemite Rim fire, Reader's Digest editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello reflects on… >>

breast cancer health
Breast Cancer Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of

These grassroots groups have made it their passion and mission to give survivors the best life… >>

Gina DeJesus
Everyday Heroes: From Captive to Caretaker

A timely adoption gives two abused souls a fresh start. >>

Mark DeBruyckere
Everyday Heroes: Bringing Down a Bank Robber

A former boxing champion takes a repeat offender off the streets. >>

Project Happiness
Project Happiness: How One Parent Inspired Optimism

Melissa Fay Greene’s adopted son was angry and depressed—until a science fair project they… >>

Manal al-Sharif
Inspiring Stories: Driving My Own Destiny in Saudi Arabia

Manal al-Sharif once bought into a Saudi Arabian system that said women should have no face, no… >>

The Year of the Firefly

This mysterious creature illuminates one man’s past and makes his present even sweeter. >>

Diana Nyad
The Unsinkable Diana Nyad

At 61, Diana Nyad attempted to swim 103 miles against three-foot waves, the threat of sharks, and… >>

Two Great Americans: The Senator and the Actor
Two Great Americans: The Senator and the Actor

It would seem at first that Charles Durning and Daniel Inouye, who died this month within a week of… >>