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solve this crime
Everyday Heroes: Social Media Saves a Battered Puppy

Tied to a truck and dragged for miles, this young pup has seen extraordinary cruelty—and… >>

9 Nelson Mandela Quotes That Inspire

On December 5, Nelson Mandela, the South African politician and champion of anti-apartheid, passed… >>

What Makes You Grateful Book Excerpt
What Are You Thankful For? 7 Creative Answers

What makes you grateful? Anne O. Kubitsky started the Look for the Good Project by asking people… >>

everyday heroes man
Everyday Heroes: The Intrepid Trucker

With courage, quick thinking, and a little help from a friend, Michael Schiotis saves a stranger. >>

pilot american flag
The Stranger Who Changed My Life: My Enemy, My Friend

From the moment Serbian missile commander Zoltan Dani shot down U.S. fighter pilot Dale Zelko's… >>

everyday heroes couple
Everyday Heroes: The Fearless Fiancée

A bride-to-be saves a stranger's son from drowning: “He was reaching and grasping for something… >>

Do You Know Why We See Snow as White?

A savant's story reveals the complexity of snowflakes and the simplicity of snow. >>

newtown mom child
Remembering the Boy Who Was Brave

The grieving mother of a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting finds solace in her son's last… >>

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Meet a Very Special Courthouse Dog

Rosie was a "failed" service dog who finally found her calling in the courtroom. >>

Liz Vaccariello
Editor’s Note: Quotable Quotes, The Office Edition

Reader's Digest Editor-In-Chief Liz Vaccariello shares her favorite quotes heard around the office… >>

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Immaculate Obsession: A Neat Freak Recalls a Childhood of Chaos

Ours was a house of things, items saved and stored. We didn't have conversations or emotions; we… >>

Temar Boggs
Everyday Heroes: The Boy Who Stopped a Kidnapper

When the young Jocelyn Rojas was snatched outside of her home, a quick-thinking teen sprang into… >>

Child's Play Charity
Gamers Give Back: 3 Charities That Help Kids

Looking for an inspired way to do good? Try one of these video game-centric charities. >>

Battle we didn
Photo Essay: A Husband’s Lens on Breast Cancer

Photographer Angelo Merendino documented his late wife's battle with breast cancer, sharing an… >>

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 3.54.38 PM
This is What Real Sportsmanship Looks Like

Jared Stevens, a teenager from Brentwood, Tennessee with severe cerebral palsy, realized his… >>

The Lives of Others, as Seen Through Random Letters
The Lives of Others, as Seen Through Random Letters

We all lose papers—scribbled shopping lists, love letters, Post-It Notes. You probably don't… >>

The Kindness of New Yorkers
The Kindness of New Yorkers

Here's one New York City police officer who just smashed the stereotype of the big city as cold and… >>

The Heroes of Sandy Hook

As the details emerge and the country struggles with the immense horror of the massacre at Sandy… >>

Stopping Bullies is Everybody's Business
Stopping Bullies is Everybody’s Business

In the moving video below, news anchor Jennifer Livingston, of CBS affiliate WKBT  in LaCrosse… >>

Seeing Gold: A Blind Soldier Swims to Win
Seeing Gold: A Blind Soldier Swims to Win

This summer, America has an extraordinary opportunity to cheer on one of our country’s wounded… >>