Inspiring Stories

Swimming In Socks
Inspiring Story: Swimming in Socks

Sportswriter Joe Posnanski strikes a deal with his noncompetitive daughter—and they both win. >>

The Artist
These Inspiring Photos Helped a Child with Muscular Dystrophy

An amateur photographer helps a boy with muscular dystrophy achieve his dreams. >>

The Deejay
How One Deejay Became a Community Hero

A deejay takes the stage to lift the spirits of a community in need. >>

5 People with Real-Life Superpowers

You won't believe the superpowered feats these real men and women have pulled off. >>

Nelson Mandela gives advice
Words of Wisdom From Those Who Have Lived a Full Life

The greatest gift from one generation to the next? It’s wisdom gained from experience… >>

9 Nelson Mandela Quotes That Inspire

On December 5, Nelson Mandela, the South African politician and champion of anti-apartheid, passed… >>

Nelson Mandela
Who Is Nelson Mandela? A Reader’s Digest Exclusive Interview

In 2005, Reader's Digest spoke with Nelson Mandela about his life, the strength of mind that helped… >>

Cab driver
The Stranger Who Changed My Life: The Taxi Driver and the Doctor

When a taxi driver asked one simple question, he transformed his family's future. >>

Carlos Arredondo
They Came Running: Heroes of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Immediately after the Boston Marathon bombings, these everyday heroes joined together to help at… >>

Dotan Negrin
Best of America 2013: Inspiring Stories

Need more reasons to love America? Add these touching moments, inspiring stories, and good deeds to… >>

Olympic Peninsula
Top 3 Picks: The Best of America Photo Contest 2013

For our Best of America Photo Contest we invited you to send an image that conveyed what you love… >>

9 Tiny Moments of Optimism in Post-Tornado Oklahoma

When Americans face tragedy, sometimes there's solace in even the smallest of gestures. >>

War Stories: My Dad’s Private Struggle After Combat

Dale Maharidge's angry father left few clues as to what happened to him during World War II. So… >>

Inspirational Stories: How 5 Extraordinary People Beat All Odds to Graduate

When these strong, powerful people set their minds on higher learning, they wouldn't let everyday… >>

You Can Do So Much More
The Stranger Who Changed My Life: An Anonymous Kidney Donor

You never know when a chance encounter will transform you. >>

Fill Her Tank First
The Stranger Who Changed My Life: “Fill Her Tank First”

You never know when a chance encounter will transform you. >>

What Are You Afraid Of?
The Stranger Who Changed My Life: Merlin and His Slackline

The man is doing something on his lawn that I don’t understand. As I pass, he’s cleaning a… >>

Boston Bombing: An Emotional First Aid Kit
Boston Bombing: An Emotional First Aid Kit

Once again, senseless carnage has been visited upon the innocent. And once again, we are following… >>

Cat Guides Blind Dog
Animal Stories: When Beasts Act Like Humans

They practice yoga, drive cars, and comfort their closest friends. These twelve animal stories show… >>

6 Inspiring Stories: You're Never Too Old to Dream
6 Inspiring Stories: You’re Never Too Old to Dream

These people prove that we can all definitely get better with age. >>