The Day I Felt the Richest

We asked and you answered: here are four incredible moments when our readers felt their richest.

Also in Reader's Digest Magazine November 2013

moments that make you feel richWhen my daughter was giving her valedictorian speech and thanked me for knowing when to let go of her hand so she could succeed on her own.
—R. D-R.

When the wife of my deceased patient told me, “Thank you, nurse, for being a part of my husband’s battle.”
—D. A.

As a teenager, I was compelled to give up my baby for adoption. Eighteen years later, on Christmas Eve, the phone rang.
—L. L.

Today. My wife told me “you are still a very handsome man, same as when I met you 30 years ago.”
—R. C.

Tell us below: What’s the day you felt the richest?

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    • Ama Butcher

      after the loss of our third pregnancy, in the hospital for 2 days being rolled to DNC and the nurse said “You sure are lucky…” then explained that most husbands at least leave for coffee. mine made me share the hospital bed so he could hold me and argued with staff to let me have an ice chip. (they didnt but knowing he would have done anything to make me comfy, thats rich)

    • myOWNcompass

      After 51 years of life, an old boyfriend finds me, and I now understand the meaning of the word cherish.

    • christopher k

      When I knew I was totally forgiven by God for all my failings and mistakes…when I was set free.

    • Kevin Tran

      The day when my wife tell me that ” after 8 years of waiting, now you have 9 months to prepare for becoming a good father “

      • vision

        great !