The Power of 1: Celebrating Inspirational People

Reader’s Digest features its picks from the Power of One. Read remarkable stories of noteworthy community acts and initiatives.

Caitlin CrommettCourtesy Caitlin CrommettCaitlin Crommett

Welcome to the Power of 1 Project, a celebration of hometown heroes. Brought to you by and Reader’s Digest. Each month, Reader’s Digest features brave, compassionate, and committed hometown heroes who are proving the Power of One. They’ve given their time, invested their talent, taken risks, and taken action, and they’ve each made a difference worth celebrating. Share a story to commend a hero in your community. Inspire others across the country to get involved.

Check out our gallery of inspirational people and give a round of applause to the hometown heroes featured in Reader’s Digest magazine.

Caitlin Crommett: Wish Doctor

Bill Gross: Farmers’ Friend

Lisa Klein: Dressed for Success

Carolee Hazard: Paying It Forward

Bradie James: Tackling Cancer

Nancy Lawlor: A Fine Bouquet

Laurie Marker: Big Cat Keeper

Allison Winn: Giving Dogs to Kids With Cancer

Austen Pearce: Growing Food for the Needy

Erin Hurley: Rehabilitating Former Racehorses

Richard Kitumba: Rescuer of Orphans

Paul Stamets: The Healing Power of Mushrooms

Charlie Starbuck: The Lou Gehrig of Tree Planting

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