The Year in Miracles: Inspirational Quotes

Grab a tissue: These miracle stories inspired us with their incredible heroes, amazing acts of kindness, and moments of grace.

By Reader's Digest Editors from Reader's Digest Magazine | December 2012

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    • merrillb

      Miracles happen every day. I wish the news would report more of the good things that people do instead of constantly focusing on the bad.

    • Charmine


    • Dougstenzel

      One thing we are all capable of… kindness. We only need to open our eyes. Last year my 30 year old son came home from work without hisw shoes on. He drives a truck for a living and it was a cold winters day. He saw a homeless man with no shoes. I could not be any more proud of him if he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Daphne Davis

       Someday I will have a husband. Alex Clark was a girl in my church. Alison Campbell was also a girl in my church. Alison Campbell has an older sister, Brittany. Casey Murray was a girl in my church. Casey Murray has an older sister, Cara, and a younger brother, Daniel. Casey Murray was born on November 21, 1992. Miss Holt was my second grade teacher. Mrs. Rigdon was my first grade teacher. Alex Clark has a younger brother, Greyson. Sylvester Toe Jr. has an older sister, Cassandra. Ibilola Fayemi has two older brothers. Jeannie Smith had an older sister, Sharon. Jeannie Smith and her husband sold their house to strangers. My uncle Robert sold his former house in Pennsylvania to strangers.

    • JosephB.

      When you go through situations at time you can feel Overwhelmed. But my friend Albert K. has been there for me during these hard and difficult times. See, I use to have a drinking problem until I come into the care of Albert and people like him. Recently I was moved from Wisconsin to Illinois on account of something I did not do. Sat in jail and placed on probation. I believe everyone needs someone they can turn to when you feel like life is getting you down. Albert has accepted my calls, day or night, and helped me from relapsing a number of times. He’s helping me to get through this until I can get back to Wisconsin, or wherever!

    • Djr11

      I can’t believe that this “gay is normal” mentality has invaded our revered RD!! I do not consider it a miracle or a breakthrough that 2 men married each other on a military base!! This is just further breaking down the moral, family centered society in the US. God help us all!!

    • anson lau

      All of my prayers will go wiht those ones who always care about others no matter friends or non-seens .

    • يعقوب عبد الرحمن

      God bless yours, you are also feeling better for these deeds, it is the humanity 

    • Tim Tio

      My wife and I had saved two of our good friends’ lives. One who had typhoid and didn’t know it after we had received a telephone call from his daughter asking for help we got him to the hospital. Had he been few late hours late he would have died. He was subsequently cured of typhoid.
      Another friend who lived in Kuala Lumpur which is about 250 miles from where we are had Deep Vein Thrombosis and didn’t know about this life threatening blood clog. It was a coincidence that we telephoned him to inquire about his heath. By the grace of God he told us he had breathing difficulties
      and heavy swelling on both legs. We got a common friend who lived near him to rush him to a hospital and thank God had he been 1 hour late he would have succumbed as the clog would have travelled to his heart. Our friends are well and feel so grateful till this day. It makes us feel good to have been responsible for these two life saving gestures accorded to our dear friends.