True Stories: Inspiring Words from Real Couples

Surprising words of hope from everyday marriages.

By Sarì Harrar and Rita DeMaria | Ph.D. from The 7 Stages of Marriage
  • Time spent fighting about things that were really not important.
  • Years of harsh words that cannot be erased and all the mistakes that were made that hardened our hearts and brought us to the level that we are at right now.
  • That I allowed my husband early in our relationship to yell and verbally abuse me for a number of years before insisting that he go to anger management.
  • My own job that took so many years away from “our” lives — it was a total worthless drain. Little money and no recognition for 18-hour days.
  • Old age. There is not much golden about it. Illness and surgeries have interfered with growing old and enjoying our golden years.
  • Writing a very pointed and mean e-mail to my wife during the second year of our marriage. We were on the verge of divorce.
  • I most deeply regret the resentment that has built up through the years and our lack of passion.
  • That my wife and my first daughter (from my previous marriage) don’t get along all that well.
  • Not taking my wife to a professional after she had a tubal pregnancy at the age of 35 and was never pregnant again. Had the doctor known what to do, we could have saved our only child.
  • Not starting to save for retirement and children right away.
  • Not getting married in my wife’s country with her family around us.
  • I regret my total lack of understanding of a bride’s expectations for the first night of marriage.

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