Lines from Love Letters

Who doesn't swoon at a beautifully written love letter? We asked our Facebook fans to share the first line of the best love letter they've ever received. Here are our favorites.

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We asked our Facebook fans to share the first line of the best love letter they’ve ever received. Here are our favorites.

Seeing you takes my breath away. – Sue Coleman

You know I know I love you. Don’t tell anybody. – Giovanna Hinojosa Lopez

There’s something new and different in the way I feel with you. – Melissa Buck

A cup of tea with you is worth a thousand dinners! – Abida Jabeen

I love you without knowing how or when, or from where. I love you because I know no other way. – Tins Matienzo Antonio

I never knew I needed love until I thought you didn’t love me anymore. – Sharmila Sivalingam

Your eyes are so beautiful, and your heart is even more heavenly. – Gretchen Eldridge

You’re cuter than fuzz on a caterpillar’s belly! – Sheila Burt

If I ever wished a wish, dreamed a dream, or sought my fortune — all paths would lead to you. – Patty Marshall

My obvious observations of the day… it’s raining and I love you. – Hannah Orr

This will knock your socks off. – Stephanie Pak

I will love you and be with you until the end of my days. – Umay Flores

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    • Lovesolutions

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    • Stacy Blair

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    • home ggg

      Who can ever imagine that freeman my lover can ever plead to a woman,My lover left me after so little misunderstanding with him,So he told me that he will never come back again that i should not plead to him that he will never love me again,and i love him so much,that very day i told him ok that i will not plead to him to come back,after some week i try to talk to him to plead to him that i am sorry for every thing he said i should go that he has fine some one else that he love that he can not leave her,i said i still love him he told me that he did not love me that i should go way that he as nothing to do with me i left that day,i try calling him that will should see and talk he said that will can not talk that will have not to talk about i plead to him he said no’so i now to my self that i should let go that i should go on with my life about give up on him i now went to the market to get some fruit i now buy a newspaper when i was read a testimony that someone wrote that say that dr ogogodu help her to get back her lover and also did money spell for her she is now a produce of some firm in USA that she can not put her name because of some security,she give out the contact of the man dr ogogodu that the reason why she is do this is for people to know about this great man so i now call this great man,He told me that he can help me to get him back if i am ready to get him back he told me that he does not use black magic or voodoo power that he use God power told help people he said that he is going to prayer for some time to know weather he can help me,after so few mins he call me and told me that my lover is under a spell that he need to brake the spell which he told me that my lover is going to come back to me with 36hours.Now i am happy with my lover he came at the time dr ogogodu said he will come so i want to tell people about this great man you can email him on or call him +2348078999655 thanks to everyone that is happy for me God will help you to solve you problem thank you every one
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    • MichelleLeonard

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    • Florence James

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