Your Story, In a Sentence

By Alyssa Jung

You’ve heard the saying, “less is more.” My favorite professor once applied that notion to literary journalism, and when I stumbled upon the website, I immediately recalled his invaluable challenge: “Write short, write simple. Sometimes the most powerful story is the simplest.” is a collection of reader-submitted stories, told using one sentence.

Some are poignant: “Today I washed my mother’s hair for the first time,” a glimpse into the role reversal of aging.

Others hint at inner turmoil and guilt: “I was the only one who could swim and could’ve jumped in to save him in time, but I just stood there in shock and will now never forgive myself.”

There’s love: “I’ve heard over and over that ‘you’re supposed to marry your best friend,’ but my best friend didn’t agree as much as I did.”

And, everyday humor: “She hates melted cheese, but wants pizza.”

The website is “an experiment in brevity” and invites readers to tell their story in the fewest number of words and there’s a story archive as far back as May 2006.

Tell us, what’s your one line story?

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