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11 Everyday Habits That Put Your Dog in Danger

Chances are, you're making some of these mistakes when it comes to grooming, feeding, or playing with your pet—and it could be putting your pup's health at risk.

American Pit Bull Terrier takes the toy from the hand of manAnna Tronova/Shutterstock

You don't supervise them when they play with toys

You might toss your pooch a new toy to play with before you head to your office for the day, but that could be dangerous. Depending on how aggressive a chewer your dog is, it could tear through that toy and eat small parts of it—or get into the stuffing and start eating that. Instead, monitor your pet when introducing new toys, Dr. Cappel suggests. And, it should go without saying, don't let them play with your children's toys: They could chew them up, and you'll find yourself in the veterinarian's office wondering how a doll's eyeball or Lego caused an expensive problem so quickly.

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