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20 Clever Gifts for Your Boss Under $25

You'll feel like the office pet with these affordable gifts for your boss under $25.

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Time to celebrate your boss

Whether you're celebrating National Boss Day, on October 16 of this year, or are looking for a holiday gift of birthday gift, we've got the work-appropriate gifts that won't break the bank. These are the 17 signs you have a great boss who is worth appreciating.


Spill the tea on how much you love your job

Consider packing a few boxes of your boss' favorite herbal tea like this Passion variety from Tazo with a clever note. It doesn't take a fortune teller to read these leaves: I'm passionate about this job and love working for you! Find out how science says to organize a productive cubicle.

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Sweeten the deal

One of our favorite boss gifts ideas is emphasizing all the best parts of their leadership. If they're prone to kindness, optimism, or uplifting leadership mantras successful leaders have memorized consider returning the sweetness with a tea, toast, or snack-ready Savannah Bee Company Whipped Honey with Lemon.

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Add some zing to the office

The best gifts for your boss keep productivity up, which is why a new and budget-friendly Garden of Life Peppermint Essential Oil is just what the conference room needs. Improved numbers will make your boss feel successful, and that's good for everyone.

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Hassle-free travels

Is she known to be on the road or in the air frequently? Help her keep her business attire tangle-free with a No Knot Travel Jewelry Organizer. It carries necklaces and other essential accessories in a safe, convenient, and careful way so she won't waste valuable company time trying to un-knot her favorite pendant.

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This sends a smart, witty message

Giving a naturally sweet and ethically-made chocolate gift from Divine Chocolate sends a powerful workplace message about gratitude and fair workplace treatment. This chocolate company’s fair trade ethos makes it one of our favorite gifts for the boss who really shines when it comes to fair treatment. Being delicious reminds them how much you love being there.

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To improve every handshake

One of the most thoughtful gifts for your boss on a budget is the one they'll use every day—like a great, non-greasy lotion for their hands they can leave on their desk. Amlactin Daily Lotion sloughs away old, dead skin cells and hydrates skin to keep every handshake smooth. Plus, simple packaging and minimal fragrance make it perfect for bosses of all types.

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Protect company assets

Your boss' suit counts as a company asset, right? The boss probably thinks so, which is why a new Davek Traveler Umbrella is the affordable, windproof piece they didn't know they needed. Expect a human resources-approved high five when your boss realizes this fits in his or her travel bag, has automatic open and close features, and saves the day when they're faced with an unexpected rainstorm on the way to that important meeting. These gifts are perfect for any boy in your life. 

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Something they can relax with

Thank them for all their efforts and for making your job a great place to be by sending them home with a set of WoodWick Vintage Candles. They're a gorgeous way to help them unwind at home, without the smoke or other issues traditional wicks are prone to.

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To keep numbers growing

We hope those spreadsheets are marked in black ink because the entire leadership loves all types of growth. Consider a witty and useful Back To The Roots Organic Indoor Herb Garden Kit to show your commitment to growing new verticals and boss gifts that focus on everyone's love of fresh food.

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